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A two course meal and two tins of Pimms………

You may ask why a two course meal and two tins of Pimms??

Well the day began with our usual camp breakfast. It is the only way to start the day along with two mugs of tea.

We decided today to explore the Hastings food festival, so we headed into town and wondered the brightly coloured food stalls and old fish smoke houses.

Although the sun was shining it was blowing a gale. We all had a touch of wind burn by the end of our stroll along the sea front.

It was quite an interesting walk. Two men had birds of prey and apparently they use them as a seagull deterrent it did seem to work as as they came into the area the seagulls all took off.

We like Hastings. It does have some quirky art work and odd shape buildings, and of course a pier. Now that was windy out on the pier and there was our group spending ages out there looking for a very cleverly hidden geocache.

Rich and I headed back to the campsite with all three dogs as the others were going to have a round of crazy golf which Ben rather enjoyed. Not sure of how the three dogs would be with us but they were very well behaved and after lunch all fell asleep around the tent.

Talking of lunch we had it in our minds to make a toasted sandwich as we were now cold through. So we pulled out our new mini oven/grill and I attempted some cheese and ham toasties. Not bad for our first attempt.

I do quite enjoy cooking so tonight we decided to try something different for our camp menu, Chicken in a white wine and cream sauce with rice (experimental course one)

Turned out to be well received. Phew. Best have a tin of Pimms.

Next (experimental course two). Camp pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. Sam and I concocted a batter mix and got to work. Again not bad at all especially as we didn’t have any scales so just guessed our quantities. Best celebrate with another tin of Pimms.

So there you have it, a two course meal and two tins of Pimms. It may well be a windy wet evening but we all had fun and full bellies.

Home tomorrow, time just flies when your having fun but we have already planned our next trip in Miss Lexy so watch this space.

Hastings Camping day two

A very relaxed day today. A few light rain showers that weren’t predicted but more sunny spells. A few of us had a nice healthy glow by the end of the day.

We woke at silly o’clock again but we didn’t mind as we wanted to try out the new motorhome shower. Rich went first and it was quite an experience. After working out where to put things he managed a cold shower.

Mmmmm what hadn’t we got right? Well after pressing a few buttons we managed to turn the hot water on.

I went next and well, for a small shower it was hot and quite refreshing.

Rich was adamant that he wanted to try the full shower experience so he had another go. Success. One very happy warm man.

We didn’t even flood the van so all is good.

A traditional camp breakfast followed that, which was received well by all.

Now something we realised was that we needed water today. We have a very clever little button that tells us our water tank and waste water tank levels. So with just 25% water left we thought we had best fill up.

Apparently it also helps if you remember to bring your water hose with you. πŸ˜‰

So after a short trip to town we are now the owners of a new hose, it was then back to camp to meet some other friends who popped down to visit on their new motorbike. Rich can tell you all about it. I can just tell you it’s bright green. πŸ˜†

Something nice about camping is that Ben and I do like to play a few games together. Today it was our frisbee game, Kan Jam.

Two plastic cylinders with a postbox like slot and you have to try and get the frisbee through the slot. Definitely a game of skill and accuracy which Ben seems to be very good at.

As all good women do I was multi tasking. Playing Kan Jam and cooking up some potato wedges for dinner. A hit tonight along with our burgers and the good old camp fav pud of cake and custard.

If this has made you hungry do give it a try, also Ben and I can recommend jammy dodgers and custard. Yes you read that right, jammy dodgers and custard.

A short dog stroll to walk off dinner, a cuppa in Miss Lexy, oh and Ben managed to bump into our camp badger. He was quite impressed.

V-Day. Introducing Miss Lexy

Well the day has arrived for us to collect our new van. We were very excited as Rich, Dad and I set upon our drive to collect her.

It took nearly two hours for us to be given the guided tour on how to work this and that. Oh and some light reading with many manuals.

So after some discussion it was decided that I would drive her home and Rich would drive her to our campsite for the weekend. Dad sat and navigated us through the traffic and I gradually got to know how she handled.

Then it was time to pack her ready for camping. When I say pack what I really mean is throw as many bags in and get going. No time to house everything in it’s rightful place yet.

Suzy was not so impressed as we had also bought her a new crate to travel in.

Rich handled Miss Lexy well through the traffic and country lanes.

We have made it, and with some help from our friends to heat up the dinner I had cooked and frozen last week we all sat down to eat.

Now to spend many an hour wondering what on Earth this switch and that switch does and where to put all our kit.

But for now I headed off to clean my teeth. On route I heard a shuffling sound.

A rather large badger was walking along the road beside me. Stopped, looked up, realised I was there and carried on with his investigation.

Well I have never seen one of these up close. Well certainly not a live one anyway πŸ™‚

Night all.

Prework wander

I’m often awake at silly o’clock and with beautiful blue skies and camping to prepare for I decided to get up and get organised.

This was until I let Suzy out in the garden and became distracted with the stunning blooms that are now appearing in the garden.

Our new clematis are doing fantastically well already so I’m hopeful we will be blessed with second blooms later in the summer.

Then there is the Peony, one of my favourite flowers. This one belonged to dads, grandmother and has moved from one house to another. But still has multiple heavy heads of bright crimson petals.

The rhodendrums don’t seem to have as many flowers on them this year. Not sure why. Perhaps I haven’t fed them enough.

The roses are also breaking out in flower. Let’s hope my new climbing roses do as well.

To the strawberries. The are full of flowers and early fruits. Let’s hope we have a few rain showers over night to swell the early fruits.

It seems I am not the only one up early.

The bees are busy collecting pollen and the blue tits are flying in and out of their nest box feeding the chirpy young ones.

So I suppose I should go to work as the quicker the day goes the quicker I can be home to enjoy a cup of tea in the busy garden.

Berlin, day 5. Time to fly

So today was our last day

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast then headed out to meet up with the boys. We thought we would cycle to their hotel but alas we couldn’t fit our luggage on the bike. Why is it you buy one tee shirt and a packet of biscuits and you seen to have an extra weeks clothes to squeeze in the bag!

We headed off to join a tour, and this was to explore an old fort. The Germans really built these well as apparently the French and English tried to blow it up after the war, but only one section fell in. The rest was able to be explored with a very entertaining, quirky Dutch guide.

Unbelievable to think that up to 50,000 people fitted in there whilst Germany was being bombed and even more unbelievable that the Germans spent so much money on the structure for it to only shoot down about 65 planes.

Onwards to lunch and it was Adams turn today to quench his craving. So the search began for sausage in a bun. Weren’t to be disappointed. A great little stall was found on the corner of the street and lunch was enjoyed sitting in the sunshine.

The time had come for us to say farewell to Berlin, full of its history and bears. We have throughly enjoyed our visit and would recommend that if you are looking for a city break to consider Berlin. Great food, reasonable prices, lots of history and superb cocktails.

Auf weidersehen Deutschland.

Berlin, day 4. Flea market and museums.

Our morning started with a short bike ride across town to meet our slightly hung over friends. On route we came across a car museum for the Trabi cars which used to be extremely popular in Berlin along with the VW Beetle. Interesting shapes and colours but they didn’t look very comfortable.

Next stop was the flea markets. They were huge. But it was so busy and soooo hot. Some great stuff. Weirdly though loads of stalls had hundreds of spectacles for sale but some only had one lense or one arm. Why? After a short stroll to find a geocache and a little more history we headed of in the direction of Brandenburg gate.

Quite an impressive structure and an interesting area to people spot. Whilst we were sat in the shade some Chinese people came up to us to have their photos taken with us, strange folk.

A chap seemed to be protesting for something, as you can see he wasn’t wearing much, I know it’s a very hot day but really!

From here we took a stroll to some more caches and headed to a restaurant for lunch. The roads had been closed off to cars and we wondered why, but it appears it was a friendly protest.

Lunch was sat outside again watching the protest dancing its way through the streets. Rich enjoyed a gorgeous steak whilst I had a traditional German schnitzel.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting the spy museum and enjoying a drink and dessert. Oh and a few bears.

Berlin, day 3. GIGA day

Today was the main event so to speak. After a yummy brekkie with pancakes cooked ourselves (ok so you push a button and the machine does it for you) we headed off in the slowest Uber we had ever been in. He must have been trying to stay away from home as he drove at about 19 mph!

We arrived at an odd looking venue that didn’t seem like a giga venue what with lack of signs and banners. But we happened to be in the right place so once we had our designer wrist bands in place we trotted in.

Inside was an odd shaped building with arched roofs and a few geocaching stalls selling their wares. (The least stalls I have seen at a Mega or giga, so we didn’t feel the need to purchase lots of Tott)

To find the lab caches we had to work out the answers to some questions, mainly about James Bond. We got most but did swap a few with some other like minded folk.

After signing the log book, coincidently made to look like we were graffitiing the Berlin Wall, we moved on.

We decided it was time for a snack so we treated ourselves to a German sausage by river, what a hot glorious day it was turning out to be.

Next stop was the molecule man, a sculpture in the river. Quite impressive in size.

From here we enjoyed a very sunny walk along the river to reach our next destination which was to be a virtual cache at the East wall gallery.

We may have been a little sidetracked on route as it was so hot these cocktails called out to us. Rude not to stop and taste them.

As you can see they made us a little tipsy, hence the need to drink a sprite at the same time. I stuck with mojitos and Rich had sex on the beach with a White Russian. Think of that what you will??

As time was getting on we headed off to find the East wall Gallery. A section of the Berlin Wall kept for a memorial, full of art work. There was so many great paintings you could have spent hours studying them.

So there you have it, another action packed day. Time for us to return to our hotel and enjoy dessert and a good old English cuppa.

Lunch, statues, dinner and cocktails…

Lunch was taken by the side of the Cathedral and river, you can’t beat a portion of German fries and frite sauce, followed by an ice cream. A sparrow even joined us. He was a little shy but very inquisitive.

Some bronze ladies sat by the river here, they didn’t say much but watched on.

We really enjoy all the statues we come across, many tell a story but some we just don’t know.

Berlin also has some fun bears, of which we S hall give them their own post.

Some more caches followed, some by a very clever clock that is controlled from an underground room and made from parts of equipment left from the conflict.

Matt had tried to find a cache the night before, but after much searching and getting rained on he had to admit defeat. Today as we approached it we saw another group of cachers drop something in the ground. On investigating, the hint now made sense to Matt and the container had been placed in the drain cover, very clever. Not allowed in England, but that’s why we like German caches as you often find something different.

It was now cocktail o’clock, so we sat ourselves outside in the glorious sunshine and perused the menu. Adam ordered a smurf on a blender (well that’s what it looked like) Matt and Rich a touch down and I enjoyed a mojito. It was so relaxing people spotting and sitting in the sun, we decided to stay for the evening. So after two more rounds of cocktails and dinner it was time to go home.

The trip back to our hotel was rather interesting, as we came across various bars, people, and sex shops. The Germans certainly aren’t shy πŸ˜‚

Caching to the Cathedral

So many caches on route to the Cathedral. Berlin has many virtual caches (where you visit a location and either find out some information or take a photo of yourself with something particular in the background) we like making our poses fun. Some very interesting older buildings on route and some searching up and down drainpipes, even a car with three bums πŸ˜‰

Berlin Cathedral is grand on a grand scale. So many delicate stain glass windows and stone work. Well worth a visit.

Lunch is calling, what will it be today?

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