Monthly Archives: May 2019

Day one, Berlin summary.

It’s been a very interesting first day. 4am start, good flight to Berlin, a German Uber, rain and a stroll. A interesting city to discover what with its history, monuments, sculptures and interesting architecture. Looking forward to checkpoint Charlie tomorrow, (secretly also looking forward to our continental breakfast, to get our energy levels primed for the day)

For tonight I shall leave you with my German supper, sweet strawberry’s and croissants.

Gute nacht.

Lego Giraffe

So today’s mission, which we choose to except was to visit this wonderful lego giraffe (GC13Y2Y). We had seen that this has been awarded over 10,000 favourite points so was a must do.

Rich, Matt and I set upon the search with Adam guiding us from the sidelines, pointing at various bricks to check out with his designer brolly. After some tapping, tugging and pulling we decided to have some lunch in a nearby Australian style restaurant, yes I know we are in Germany, but it looked good and it didn’t disappoint.

Back to the giraffe and, well I shouldn’t say any more as I don’t want to give the final location away, but the very tiny log book now has our names added.