Berlin, day 3. GIGA day

Today was the main event so to speak. After a yummy brekkie with pancakes cooked ourselves (ok so you push a button and the machine does it for you) we headed off in the slowest Uber we had ever been in. He must have been trying to stay away from home as he drove at about 19 mph!

We arrived at an odd looking venue that didn’t seem like a giga venue what with lack of signs and banners. But we happened to be in the right place so once we had our designer wrist bands in place we trotted in.

Inside was an odd shaped building with arched roofs and a few geocaching stalls selling their wares. (The least stalls I have seen at a Mega or giga, so we didn’t feel the need to purchase lots of Tott)

To find the lab caches we had to work out the answers to some questions, mainly about James Bond. We got most but did swap a few with some other like minded folk.

After signing the log book, coincidently made to look like we were graffitiing the Berlin Wall, we moved on.

We decided it was time for a snack so we treated ourselves to a German sausage by river, what a hot glorious day it was turning out to be.

Next stop was the molecule man, a sculpture in the river. Quite impressive in size.

From here we enjoyed a very sunny walk along the river to reach our next destination which was to be a virtual cache at the East wall gallery.

We may have been a little sidetracked on route as it was so hot these cocktails called out to us. Rude not to stop and taste them.

As you can see they made us a little tipsy, hence the need to drink a sprite at the same time. I stuck with mojitos and Rich had sex on the beach with a White Russian. Think of that what you will??

As time was getting on we headed off to find the East wall Gallery. A section of the Berlin Wall kept for a memorial, full of art work. There was so many great paintings you could have spent hours studying them.

So there you have it, another action packed day. Time for us to return to our hotel and enjoy dessert and a good old English cuppa.

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