Lunch, statues, dinner and cocktails…

Lunch was taken by the side of the Cathedral and river, you can’t beat a portion of German fries and frite sauce, followed by an ice cream. A sparrow even joined us. He was a little shy but very inquisitive.

Some bronze ladies sat by the river here, they didn’t say much but watched on.

We really enjoy all the statues we come across, many tell a story but some we just don’t know.

Berlin also has some fun bears, of which we S hall give them their own post.

Some more caches followed, some by a very clever clock that is controlled from an underground room and made from parts of equipment left from the conflict.

Matt had tried to find a cache the night before, but after much searching and getting rained on he had to admit defeat. Today as we approached it we saw another group of cachers drop something in the ground. On investigating, the hint now made sense to Matt and the container had been placed in the drain cover, very clever. Not allowed in England, but that’s why we like German caches as you often find something different.

It was now cocktail o’clock, so we sat ourselves outside in the glorious sunshine and perused the menu. Adam ordered a smurf on a blender (well that’s what it looked like) Matt and Rich a touch down and I enjoyed a mojito. It was so relaxing people spotting and sitting in the sun, we decided to stay for the evening. So after two more rounds of cocktails and dinner it was time to go home.

The trip back to our hotel was rather interesting, as we came across various bars, people, and sex shops. The Germans certainly aren’t shy šŸ˜‚

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