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Berlin, day 5. Time to fly

So today was our last day

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast then headed out to meet up with the boys. We thought we would cycle to their hotel but alas we couldn’t fit our luggage on the bike. Why is it you buy one tee shirt and a packet of biscuits and you seen to have an extra weeks clothes to squeeze in the bag!

We headed off to join a tour, and this was to explore an old fort. The Germans really built these well as apparently the French and English tried to blow it up after the war, but only one section fell in. The rest was able to be explored with a very entertaining, quirky Dutch guide.

Unbelievable to think that up to 50,000 people fitted in there whilst Germany was being bombed and even more unbelievable that the Germans spent so much money on the structure for it to only shoot down about 65 planes.

Onwards to lunch and it was Adams turn today to quench his craving. So the search began for sausage in a bun. Weren’t to be disappointed. A great little stall was found on the corner of the street and lunch was enjoyed sitting in the sunshine.

The time had come for us to say farewell to Berlin, full of its history and bears. We have throughly enjoyed our visit and would recommend that if you are looking for a city break to consider Berlin. Great food, reasonable prices, lots of history and superb cocktails.

Auf weidersehen Deutschland.