Monthly Archives: May 2019

Prework wander

I’m often awake at silly o’clock and with beautiful blue skies and camping to prepare for I decided to get up and get organised.

This was until I let Suzy out in the garden and became distracted with the stunning blooms that are now appearing in the garden.

Our new clematis are doing fantastically well already so I’m hopeful we will be blessed with second blooms later in the summer.

Then there is the Peony, one of my favourite flowers. This one belonged to dads, grandmother and has moved from one house to another. But still has multiple heavy heads of bright crimson petals.

The rhodendrums don’t seem to have as many flowers on them this year. Not sure why. Perhaps I haven’t fed them enough.

The roses are also breaking out in flower. Let’s hope my new climbing roses do as well.

To the strawberries. The are full of flowers and early fruits. Let’s hope we have a few rain showers over night to swell the early fruits.

It seems I am not the only one up early.

The bees are busy collecting pollen and the blue tits are flying in and out of their nest box feeding the chirpy young ones.

So I suppose I should go to work as the quicker the day goes the quicker I can be home to enjoy a cup of tea in the busy garden.