Monthly Archives: May 2019

V-Day. Introducing Miss Lexy

Well the day has arrived for us to collect our new van. We were very excited as Rich, Dad and I set upon our drive to collect her.

It took nearly two hours for us to be given the guided tour on how to work this and that. Oh and some light reading with many manuals.

So after some discussion it was decided that I would drive her home and Rich would drive her to our campsite for the weekend. Dad sat and navigated us through the traffic and I gradually got to know how she handled.

Then it was time to pack her ready for camping. When I say pack what I really mean is throw as many bags in and get going. No time to house everything in it’s rightful place yet.

Suzy was not so impressed as we had also bought her a new crate to travel in.

Rich handled Miss Lexy well through the traffic and country lanes.

We have made it, and with some help from our friends to heat up the dinner I had cooked and frozen last week we all sat down to eat.

Now to spend many an hour wondering what on Earth this switch and that switch does and where to put all our kit.

But for now I headed off to clean my teeth. On route I heard a shuffling sound.

A rather large badger was walking along the road beside me. Stopped, looked up, realised I was there and carried on with his investigation.

Well I have never seen one of these up close. Well certainly not a live one anyway 🙂

Night all.