Monthly Archives: May 2019

Hastings Camping day two

A very relaxed day today. A few light rain showers that weren’t predicted but more sunny spells. A few of us had a nice healthy glow by the end of the day.

We woke at silly o’clock again but we didn’t mind as we wanted to try out the new motorhome shower. Rich went first and it was quite an experience. After working out where to put things he managed a cold shower.

Mmmmm what hadn’t we got right? Well after pressing a few buttons we managed to turn the hot water on.

I went next and well, for a small shower it was hot and quite refreshing.

Rich was adamant that he wanted to try the full shower experience so he had another go. Success. One very happy warm man.

We didn’t even flood the van so all is good.

A traditional camp breakfast followed that, which was received well by all.

Now something we realised was that we needed water today. We have a very clever little button that tells us our water tank and waste water tank levels. So with just 25% water left we thought we had best fill up.

Apparently it also helps if you remember to bring your water hose with you. 😉

So after a short trip to town we are now the owners of a new hose, it was then back to camp to meet some other friends who popped down to visit on their new motorbike. Rich can tell you all about it. I can just tell you it’s bright green. 😆

Something nice about camping is that Ben and I do like to play a few games together. Today it was our frisbee game, Kan Jam.

Two plastic cylinders with a postbox like slot and you have to try and get the frisbee through the slot. Definitely a game of skill and accuracy which Ben seems to be very good at.

As all good women do I was multi tasking. Playing Kan Jam and cooking up some potato wedges for dinner. A hit tonight along with our burgers and the good old camp fav pud of cake and custard.

If this has made you hungry do give it a try, also Ben and I can recommend jammy dodgers and custard. Yes you read that right, jammy dodgers and custard.

A short dog stroll to walk off dinner, a cuppa in Miss Lexy, oh and Ben managed to bump into our camp badger. He was quite impressed.