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A two course meal and two tins of Pimms………

You may ask why a two course meal and two tins of Pimms??

Well the day began with our usual camp breakfast. It is the only way to start the day along with two mugs of tea.

We decided today to explore the Hastings food festival, so we headed into town and wondered the brightly coloured food stalls and old fish smoke houses.

Although the sun was shining it was blowing a gale. We all had a touch of wind burn by the end of our stroll along the sea front.

It was quite an interesting walk. Two men had birds of prey and apparently they use them as a seagull deterrent it did seem to work as as they came into the area the seagulls all took off.

We like Hastings. It does have some quirky art work and odd shape buildings, and of course a pier. Now that was windy out on the pier and there was our group spending ages out there looking for a very cleverly hidden geocache.

Rich and I headed back to the campsite with all three dogs as the others were going to have a round of crazy golf which Ben rather enjoyed. Not sure of how the three dogs would be with us but they were very well behaved and after lunch all fell asleep around the tent.

Talking of lunch we had it in our minds to make a toasted sandwich as we were now cold through. So we pulled out our new mini oven/grill and I attempted some cheese and ham toasties. Not bad for our first attempt.

I do quite enjoy cooking so tonight we decided to try something different for our camp menu, Chicken in a white wine and cream sauce with rice (experimental course one)

Turned out to be well received. Phew. Best have a tin of Pimms.

Next (experimental course two). Camp pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. Sam and I concocted a batter mix and got to work. Again not bad at all especially as we didn’t have any scales so just guessed our quantities. Best celebrate with another tin of Pimms.

So there you have it, a two course meal and two tins of Pimms. It may well be a windy wet evening but we all had fun and full bellies.

Home tomorrow, time just flies when your having fun but we have already planned our next trip in Miss Lexy so watch this space.