Monthly Archives: Jun 2019

A mixed day.

So once again I’m up at silly o’clock whilst Mr Hurks enjoys a lay in.

I was quite excited to be up so early as I had a project that I was keen to get underway. Bev had kindly given us a wicker heart for the garden but it was a bit lost on the fence. It needed brightening up to be able to see it from the house. That and I’d decided to do up an old hanging basket to add some more colour in the garden.

Armed with a can of pink spray gloss I set to work. A few coats later and ta daaaaa. Not bad even if I do say myself.

I was also met by a new flower this morning. A poppy which had been tightly in bud the day before had broken free from its casing and looks stunning in the early morning sun.

New climbing roses that we planted last year are also starting to show us their colours. A few more days…….

Some of the other plants we put in are also doing well. Some have not survived but hey ho. Means we get to try something else in there place.

We headed out this afternoon to a campsite not to far from home to have a night in Miss Lexy.

Last weekend we didn’t get to try everything out so off we set to try again.

A very happy chap met us at the campsite and said we could choose any pitch we wanted.

So after sussing out the awning and putting the roof up to make the van cooler we sat down to relax in the sunshine.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the sunshine as much as us today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.