Last year we planted some new Fragaria plants. It was a very hot summer but they did reward us with a small amount of fruit.

They then grew long runners which we painstakingly planted and cultivated over the winter. Weeding round them and taking off the dead leaves.

In the spring we put new weed Matt around and feed them regularly.

Have you worked out which plant we are talking about yet?

They started bouncing in to life a month again with delicate white flowers which transformed into small green fruits.

Finally, Sunday evening we were able to pick the first gorgeous deep red perfectly formed fruit. No we didn’t scoff it down. We washed it, admired it, photographed it and then and only then did we cut it in half and taste the very juicy, sweet flesh.


So now looking forward to more of these fruits over the coming weeks.

My favourite way to eat them is sliced on cereal or on pancakes with a scoop of ice cream. Hurks prefers to sprinkle them with sugar. How do you eat yours?

Enjoy your Fragaria. Maybe with a glass of Pimms😉

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