Road trip to Birmingham

Hooray work is over for the day so Rich collected me in Miss Lexy and we started our journey to just outside Birmingham in preparation for our day out the following day. Now we do like a road trip especially in the van, but when you include the M25 in the mix it’s a pain in the bum.

Our journey should have taken us 3 hours but I think we sat for most of that time on the M25.

In the end we gave up heading to the campsite and thought we would head to another close to Warwick. It had to be the most unwelcoming campsite we had ever been to. Talk about stroppy camp site lady. So we swiftly pulled away and pondered what to do. With some roads full of rain water we didn’t want to drive to much further and our stomachs were grumbling.

We have a handy little app that shows us places to camp for the night and after a few phone calls we decided to try a pub called the Stratton Arms. Never have we been made to feel more welcome. Phil the owner met us as we pulled up and promptly had the hose for us to fill up with water, then parked us up and plugged in our electric. We ordered some chips to go with our dinner and payed our £4 for electric. The beauty of Miss Lexy is we can enjoy a scorching hot shower after a long journey and relax with our feet up.

Time for some sleep to prepare us for the adventures ahead tomorrow.

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