THE best dinner.

Today was going home day and after a leisurely breakfast we packed up camp and headed for a near by village Moreton-in-Marsh.

We just fancied a stroll and peer through the shop windows. Cotswold cheese was in the high street so we payed them a visit. I was like a kid in the sweet shop with all the goats and ewes milk cheese on offer.

It was now lunch time and after checking out a few menus and Rich deciding he only wanted steak we found a little old pub called The Black Bear Inn.

We ordered and people watched until our dinner came. I was amazed to see the group of Asian students opposite had ordered two main meals and when the lady brought them out to ask who they were for they asked for extra plates and divided up the two meals between five of them. Now you think that’s a cheek. The next minute and another group of Asian students walked in and did the same. I can only imagine what the member of staff was thinking.

It was now our turn. Our meals arrived and boy did they look appetising.

Mine was Cotswold Lamb with new potatoes and local asparagus and Rich had steak and triple cooked chips.

That was the best lamb we had ever, just melted and the herb dressing over it complimented it perfectly. The steak just fell apart. Totally mouth watering.

So if your ever in Moreton-in-Marsh please call in to this Inn. You will not be disappointed.

Time to go home but not before a quick stop to admire a local memorial in the next village.

Suzy and Ben were very happy to see us when we got home. Our friends had been staying with Charlie and it was great that they stayed on an extra night so we could have dinner and chat about nothing. All the time whilst Suzy and her new best friend Charlie played and yapped around our feet. It really has been a lovely few days.

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