Bright colours and sunny days

Some days are really stressful and yesterday was definitely one of them, and whilst we wait to see how the next few weeks pan out I needed a mini escape to the garden.

It is already 27° this morning at 10.30 so the umbrellas and sunshades are up, doggie paddling pool is out and a little shaded corner cleared of clutter ready to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

Last year Rich and I spent many hours replanting the garden. We wanted colour in summer as although the garden previously looking stunning in the spring it was shades of green only in the summer months. We also wanted to encourage more bees and butterflies into the garden and Rich wanted to have plants with heavenly scents.

Our hard work is paying off. At 7 o’clock this morning the bees were busy collecting pollen and bright butterflies were gently making their way around. I was even joined by a very friendly little brown bird which I’ve now identified as a juvenile Robin.

The hanging baskets that I sprayed bright pink a month or so ago are now in full bloom and looking gorgeous in front of the greenhouse.

The wild sweet pea are providing us with colour there whilst we wait for the second blooms or our new roses.

The bright orange of this flower (can’t remember its name)stands out amongst the greens at the bottom of the garden.

We are also patiently waiting for the Hibiscus to flower. At my old house I had one of these and it would be full of flowers every summer. Here it’s been more difficult to grow, maybe to dry. So I’ve made an effort to ensure it’s been watered and fed more this year. It’s nearly there. There are small buds starting to show some colour. Fingers crossed it will present us with lots of flowers soon.

I’ve tried to grow Echinacea on a few occasions and last year we bought two. They looked dead but I was promised they would burst into life again. Well one has the other must have been dead. I’m loving its wide flat flower head making it a perfect landing platform for the bees and butterflies.

I’ll leave you with some other photos to brighten your day, and just remember to put down your mobile phone, switch of the pc and take at least 5 minutes to enjoy your special place.


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