Sightseeing in London

With dad still in hospital we decided to combine visiting today with being tourists.

London is such a colourful, vibrant place to be especially on a warm sunny day like today.

We started our morning with a geocaching event at Bluewater, held by a Spanish chap who had just returned from Australia. Bluewater has been designed with nature in its thoughts, and behind the busy shops you will find a large lake area, full of wildlife. I spotted a cormorant out of the corner of my eye and plenty of Swans and Geese.

There were a few other cachers there, two we knew one was someone we hadn’t met before but very pleasant. Some time was spent chatting about geocaching events and travelling, before we bid our goodbyes to go and catch the train.

After we exchanged our stories Rich and I made our way to the station and enjoyed a picnic on the train like a couple of retired folk with their sandwiches.

The train pulled into a fairly quiet Charing Cross. From here we made the short walk to Trafalger square where we wanted to find a few caches. One of which was what is called an earth cache. This is a cache based on geology, and where you have to study the rock or such like and answer a few questions. This one was based on Nelson himself and his Granite plinth. We learnt after some research the the granite plinth cracked years back in 1918, this was due to people celebrating the war and burning recruitment posters and the like at the base of the column. Extra wood was put on the fires, but the wooden paving blocks that were used from nearby road roads had tar on them, causing a furnace type fire, so hot it cracked the granite!

The next cache was still in Trafalgar Square, a Virtual. Again you may have to answer a question about what you find at the coordinates and this was no different along with submitting a photo of ourselves at the base of the forth plinth. Currently topped with some kind of Chinese dragon.

Onwards, past some very pretty floral pubs of which their are a lot on route from Trafalgar Square and along Whitehall.

We admired the very well behaved horses on parade at horse guards parade and plodded along to Downing Street.

Official cars went past us here and we think it may have been Boris, but they were to quick for us to have a good look.

Our next target was three lab caches by Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey. If you haven’t taken the time to inspect the old buildings here, do! There is history tucked in every corner, and the architecture, well, those designers of years gone were very talented and in our opinion far better designers than of the new modern buildings.

Time was passing, so we headed towards Westminster bridge and St Thomas’s hospital. Had to do the tourist pictures as we crossed the bridge.

St Thomas’s itself has some history, a training school was once set up here by Florence Nightingale and the outside and corridors are full of sculptures and monuments. Here are just a few.

Dad was in good spirits and looking forward to coming home. Caught up with his aftercare plan and we chatted for a while before it was time to leave. A few more statues on route to Waterloo before the train home.

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