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Barcelona part two

We thought we would head out early today as it is a Sunday, but it wasn’t to be. Time just seems to fly by when your in a motorhome.

Finally we headed out but had to find a supermarket first. It was only a few kilometres away but so busy. It was like everyone had to go shopping Sunday morning. Now we had a list and we had some places we wanted to visit today so we had to keep focused. Which I must say we did, sort of. Only ended up with a few extra treats in our basket. One of which we have just enjoyed, fresh fruit danish pastry’s. Yum.

So shopping done, packed lunch made off we drive into Barcelona. Our target today was to jump on the hop on and of bus to tour the city. First hurdle, the car park we had booked was to low for Miss Lexy. Ok so we would head back to where we had parked the previous day. Second hurdle, recent booked car park closed on Sundays. But a message suddenly popped up form one of the staff telling us where to find the remote control for the garage door.

Well the next half hour was rather stressful shall we say! But we finally got it and thought sod it, let’s eat our packed lunch before we set off. It was now 1.30pm.

On route to the bus stop there was a business owner and police office looking into what seemed like a very recent break in. Someone had thrown a scooter through the window and got in. Such a shame as it could be such a lovely place.

Anyway bus reached, still with our wallets intact and off we set on top deck to explore. We spotted some rather interesting sites on route but boy was it windy. We jumped of to admire a building with very interesting architecture took a few photos, found a geocache or two then hopped on the next route bus.

The next stop was to be La Sagrada Familia.

One of the most inspiring and iconic buildings in Spain; An unfinished church, unique in its architecture and conception, the work of the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

What’s not to love about the architecture of this stunning building, and they are still building it. Now that’s a project that has overrun 😂

A few pictures from inside the crypt.

Again time had run away with us as it was now 7pm. Time to head back to the campsite for a very late dinner.

Over all a good day but not a city I would return to. So full of graffiti and warnings of pickpocketing and vehicle break ins. You can’t fully relax and take in the history.

Tonight is our last night here and upon reflection whilst we listen to the crashing waves, it has been a very nice campsite. Everything you could need, clean, tidy and not to noisy. Well all sort from the odd plane flying overhead, every few minutes 😂

Tomorrow we head towards Tarragon. I wonder what adventures we will have there.