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The most relaxing day

Monday, Rich had booked us a spa treatment at the world famous Aire de Barcelona. We had come across it on another travellers blog a few months ago so he booked us in. The only downside was that we needed to drive into Barcelona again. Parked up in what we think is the only secure car park we fit in, we hailed a taxi across town to the spa. Alas we were early and Rich wanted a haircut so we walked round the corner to oddly an Englishman barbers. Very quirky and they had space for him later in the day. On route to the barbers there were lots of winding old fashioned tiny narrow streets with odd shops. Something worth exploring. But for now, the Spa.

We headed off and we’re greeted by a very friendly receptionist who gave us coloured bracelets so we would know which treatment we were having. Into the changing rooms which were separate male and female. A maid was on hand to point me int he direction to change and to give me a locker. We were both given soft light weigh robes and cute little neoprene slippers to wear.

Next we went into the spa area. It was dark but lit my many soft candles and gentle music played. We were given an explanation of the different areas.

There was a tepid water pool, a fridge pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a salt water pool, rain water showers amongst others.

We started with the tepid pool pure relaxation. Warm but not to hot water to just sit and relax. It did have a sign saying silence, but we ignored this and chatted quietly.

A lady then came and whispered to us that they were ready for us for our couples massage. Everyone whispers here which makes it quite a challenge to work out what they are saying with a strong Spanish accent.

The massage rooms were fairly dark with relaxing music. We were asked to lay in the benches with our faces through the hole. Now can anyone tell me off you should lay with your forehead stick to the hole or your chin? I haven’t yet worked this end and think we both came out like a scene from friends with a polo face. Well as massages go that was pretty spectacular and very sensual. Even the way they take off your little neoprene shoes and uncover and recover you with the soft towels. The massage itself was quite firm and certainly it worked the knots out from my very creaky back. Rich could even move his legs better after the firm massage. Sadly the half hour was over way to soon and we got up feeling sooo relaxed and slightly dazed.

The jacuzzi had different sections you could sit in. One part with normal seat, one so you could stand and have your whole body pummelled and a ridge so that you could lay down and have the bubbles run under your back and legs, heaven.

We made our way back to the pools and worked our way through them. The sauna was fresh and minty. It had a plunge pool which Rich dared me to go into. Of course I took up the challenge. Now that’s what you call refreshing. Absolutely freezing when you get in, but you soon warm up in the steamy room. Next came the salt bath.

Now if you haven’t tried one of these we would strongly recommend that you do. (But don’t shave your legs the same morning as it stings quite a bit when you first get in;-) we walked in and out our heads on the side, our legs lifted for us and we just floated. It was so buoyant you didn’t need to keep your head on the side. You could just float like a starfish in the pool. No effort required and did I mention lovely and warm?

The next hour was spent going from one pool to another. A totally relaxing experience. If you get the chance, GO!

Even the changing rooms and shower were pure indulgence. Posh shampoos and shower gels, all toiletries provided and even hairdryers, straightening devices and hairbrushes. Ahhh time to leave.

On via taxi back to the van and a 1.5 hour drive to just south of Tarragona. The road took us through many tunnels which went under the mountains.

The campsite itself is huge and right by the sea. Our pitch is a few rows up from the beach. As it was late we decided on treating our selves to a meal in the restaurant.

I’m in a stage of my life where I like to try new things so tonight we chose tapas of olives, big prawns cooked in garlic butter, and what I thought was a sausage casserole. We have no idea what it was but it was lovely. Looked more like baby octopus to me

Rich ordered a dish of Hake in parsley pesto with clams and prawns. We shared all the dishes and they were absolutely delicious.

Of course cocktails.

Another lovely day and a mere 25°.

Tomorrow relaxing and exploring the large campsite and paddle in the sea.

Just a little edit as I forgot to mention the critters today.

On our pitch this morning was this bright chap. No idea what it is but looked impressive.

Then this caught my eye amongst the lavender whilst we walked back from the showers. Must be some kind of bee nest. Again very impressive. A work of art.