Monthly Archives: Oct 2019

A busy day of doing not a lot

Where does the time go? We were up early today and even first in the queue for the bakers to grab some fresh rolls for our picnic lunch and croissants. May have accidentally slipped a couple of strawberry tarts in too. Anyway we sat outside with our table and chairs and enjoyed a very leisurely breakfast of eggs, bread, croissants and jam, washed down with quite a few cups of tea. It was quite warm but cloudy.

Now the thing with camper van life is you think it’s easy to pack up and get out on your travels quickly. Well let us tell you a little secret, we never seem to get out quickly. By the time we, turn the seats into their driving position, wash up, unplug the electric, empty the loo, then empty the grey water it’s gone lunch time. Oh well never mind we are on holiday after all.

On our way out we head to a supermarket. Despite the supermarket on our campsite being very well stocked and even having a butchers and grocers, they don’t sell goats milk. So we find a large carrefour enroute to Tarragona. This supermarket was huge. All the fresh produce looks amazing and the fish counters are so inviting. I wouldn’t know how to cook half of it. But we did purchase some fresh white fish to Cobb the following night with fresh parsley, ( which is a huge bunch) you should see the fridge it looks like it has half a jungle and we also bought jacket potatoes. Goats milk was found and an additional purchase by hubby. More to come on that one. By the time we had paid it was 3.30pm. See where has the day gone. Time to find somewhere nice to park up and have our picnic lunch.

A lovely spot was found right on the beach front. Blue skies and clear blue sea. Perfect. So perfect in fact I had to go in for a swim whilst Rich was researching stuff. It was cold on your feet at first but then it felt so warm. I ended up swimming and chuckling to myself as the waves crashed into me sending my off balance.

Time to head back to the campsite just before dark, where we would once again turn the seats, fill the water tank, plug the electric in, put the roof up, think about what we’ll have for dinner and at some point put our feet up and write a blog. May even read a book 😉