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A gentle day of local exploring.

We did it! We were up and out before lunch time. Yes, showered, dressed, fed, toilet emptied blah blah blah. 🙂 we had information from our neighbour about a fishing port mentioned in his guide book that may be worth a visit. So off we trotted to L’Ametlla de Mar.

Well nearly. Only after we stopped at reception and booked us in for a few extra nights and to move pitch to a sea front pitch as quite a few campers had left this morning.

It was only a 20 minute drive and we arrived and parked up in the harbour outside a very nice looking restaurant. The menu wasn’t available in English or French but the kind waiter gave us a rough translation. I ordered the sea food Paella and Rich had some kind of local catch of the day fish. Which we both thought was very nice. Even if it did have funny looking teeth.

😉do not fear, the onion was removed.

As it was so nice Rich also had a dessert of a Catalan Apple desert.

We hadn’t been successful with finding any geocaches the previous day so we checked the map and one showed 60meters from the restaurant. After a nice quick find we headed off to our next stop. We had spotted a castle on the map a little further down the coast with a geocache. The roads here were quite good and full of local Spanish built houses. Very pleasant.

As we neared Castell de Sant Jordi d’Alfama motorhomes were dotted around in between the bushes. It appears that this is a good place to wild camp as you have access to the beach and stunning views.

Yes, agreed it was a fantastic spot to park up. Views of a castle and endless coastline, clear blue seas, clean and tidy.

With geocache found it was now time to explore the car park. You May ask why we needed to explore the car park? Well the previous day and whilst on our shopping trip Rich spotted something he was rather keen on. Yes, we are about to reveal the purchase 😂

Rich is not the speediest at walking at the moment so he fancied something to give him a boost.

Are you ready?



Scoot is Miss Lexy’s new co pilot an shall accompany her on her travels. Just think bat mobile and bat scooter.

Rich had spent the previous evening putting scoot together and painstakingly translating the instruction manual into English. Then once he was fully charged this morning, Scoot had his maiden voyage. A quick ride along the road in the campsite. But his major outing was the car park at the castle.

The first outing

It was hilarious. You should have seen Rich’s face. Like a kid Christmas morning.

Check out the eye brows at the end 😂

It was now my turn and never ridden a scooter I wasn’t quite so sure I would survive.

Such fun

After our crazy antics we enjoyed a cup of tea with these amazing views and planned our route back to camp.

Now we had been a bit fed up with motorways so we thought we would set google to local roads. Well hmm, not sure about those. Either local pirates would jump out of the bushes, or the mad donkey riding cowboys would race us along the unmade roads. Yes unmade road, google? What were you thinking? At one point Miss lexy bounced into the air over an invisible bump that was disguised as a flat pot holed road. The sugar jumped out of the cupboard. Thank fully the lid stayed on. Ok reroute, back to the bigger road.

The remainder of the journey was smooth but we arrived back late again. Spanish time really goes quick. Must be their clocks.

So we cheated for dinner and went to the restaurant where we enjoyed the dinner especially as no washing up required. Desert is always the best bit and tonight’s was lush. Creme caramel for me and Rich had some local chocolate something which he assured me was delicious.

A quick retreat after as we had a new pitch to get to. Right on the sea front. Guess where we shall be drinking our cuppa in the morning. Right before Scoot takes hubby to the shower.

Night all.