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Another busy day of….. not a lot 🏖

Friday, we decided to stay at camp today as we are now on this amazing beach front pitch. On awaking it was fairly overcast but warm so I popped out the sofa chair, dressing gown on and tea in hand and sat over looking the sea. Mr Hurks likes the comfort of the van chair in the morning as he is not as brave or stupid with the weather like me. The sun was trying to come out and there was an orange glow with a millpond sea. A stand up paddle boarder paddled his way across in front of me. It looked idiclic.

Breakfast on the beach.

The morning was spent drinking tea and doing the usual motorhome chores, until lunch time. We needed to cook up our fish today so I set the Cobb up and prepared the potatoes. Wrapped them in foil with oil and salt and placed them in the bottom. The fish was placed with plenty of butter, lemon and lime and chopped fresh parsley and placed in a roasting bag. Thank goodness we have now used the parsley. Our fridge was taken over by it.

Time to sit back and let the cooking, well cook.

After 45 minutes dinner was ready. There is something very therapeutic about cooking on the beach with the waves crashing in the background.

Just squint, and you can see past the black bits on the potatoes.

After dinner was done Rich relaxed whilst I went for a dip. Turns out I’m quite scared of the sea when I’m going in on my own but I kept saying to myself it’s ok, you can swim just keep your mouth shut, let’s face it sea water tastes disgusting. I had a good swim even if my feet did keep trying to float higher than my head as I kept my crocs on as it was quite stony.

Rich had arranged a geocache meet for this evening and it was just along the beach at the next restaurant.

We met with 4 other cachers, one of which was from the Netherlands originally and the other 3 from Spain. Fortunately the lady spoke fluent English so we managed to find out a few things rather than just smile at each other. Although it always makes me chuckle when even if they can speak English, Rich develops his own translation. Have you done that? Speak in a different accent, slower and louder and think they will understand you better! It’s hilarious and he does not realise he is doing it.

Dinner was not bad but we have had better and I was too full for desert, of course Rich managed to squeeze in a sorbet.

The evening finished with a short walk along the sand to our pitch and again the usually maintenance before a nice cup of pre-bed tea.