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The perfect wedding

Saturday 28th September 2019

The wedding day is finally here. I wasn’t sure we would get to this day as the last two months have been extremely challenging one way or another. We woke at 5am, wide awake so we sat in bed chatting with a cup of tea ensuring that we had thought of everything we needed to do.

The hall way was full of flowers, butterflies and other pretty things to decorate the reception and two fridges full of deserts and sweet treats.

Sam and I had planned to be in bluewater by 9.30 and Rich and Mark a similar time. Some new caches were published earlier in the morning so we went of to find a couple as none of us could stand around, to excited.

The bridal party had our make up done and the boys treated themselves to a posh shave and pamper. It was then rush home to have our hair done whilst the boys went of to get ready at a near by hotel.

Whilst we were being pampered Bev, Dean and Yvonne were busy bees taking all the decorations and food to the reception venue. I think those of you there will agree they did a sterling job as it looked so pretty, again perfect.

After a few hours the bridal party was ready to leave. Many people had asked me running up to this if I was nervous or excited, but it wasn’t until now that my stomach had butterflies. We pulled up at Danson house and after waiting a few minutes we were able to make our way in. Who could not be spellbound by this gorgeous venue.

Danson House

I walked in to everyone waiting and my fabulous man standing waiting for me. He looked so handsome. It was also wonderful having Ben walk me down the isle. He also looked so handsome dressed in his suit with matching tie. He made me a very proud mum.

After the vows we could relax and travel back in style to Stone Pavillion where the reception was to be held. We felt like royalty being driven in Dean and Yvonne’s car which was all dressed in Ivory Ribbon.

Everyone could sit where they liked and enjoy their meal of fish and chips which I have to add was superb. The fish and chip shop did a top notch job with delivering and ensuring the food was hot. Deserts followed which was a range of mini pastries and bite size deserts all served on vintage style plates.

We would have to say at this point we really realised how many great friends we have. So many people pitched in to help with serving and clearing up. Thank you.

A while back Rich had suggested we had a hand fasting at the reception. We found out the information and asked our good friends Matt and Adam if they would perform it as we wanted it to be relaxed and something our guests could join in with. I personally loved this part as I was so much more relaxed than at the registry office, I could take it all in.

The attention to detail was incredible, Matt had asked us which colour Ribbons we wanted and had even put some round the cuffs of his shirt to match in. Adam and Matt also had butterfly themed clothing so that they coordinated. Brilliant. The words Adam chose again perfect for us. Thank you both.

We had fun choosing the flavours of the wedding cake. I originally wanted to make it myself but thought that may be a little stressful so we went for the option of buying a plain cake that I could decorate. We were pleased as punch with it, and displayed on the logs Rob had cut for us it looked pretty good, even if I do say so myself 😉

We thought it was now time to party but our friends Jules and Jono had a surprise for us. We were asked to cover our hands in hand-cream them hold hands and dip them in a bucket full of pink goo. Mmm we weren’t sure about this but we gave it a go. We stood holding hands for a few minutes until the goo turned grey, then tried to remove our hands. Easier said than done. We both needed help pulling our hands out but once the suction was released they came out easily.

We won’t show you a picture of the hands yet as they have still to be completed but here is one of us all in action 😂

We had such a fun day and evening, we managed to have a good dance with our friends and of course each other.

The DJ did a great singing set before our first dance, Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Thank you everyone involved in our day, love Mr and Mrs Hurcombe x x

Behind the scenes

Hello from warm rural France.

We have made a start into our honeymoon and so far it has been fantastic. But more about that later.

My husband and I wanted to now share some of our wedding planning photos with you before we share more of the wedding and our travels.

When we decided to get married we visited quite a few locations. Some were stunning, some shocking and some way to small. But at least it helped fix our ideas on what we really wanted and that would fit into our limited budget. We were determined we could all have a fabulous day with our family and friends without spending silly money on things that just were not us.

One Sunday we visited Danson house whilst they had an open day. We were blown away with its history and architecture. It was bright and colourful, the staff made us feel extremely welcome. So we booked it and I hope those of you that came along loved our choice of room as much as we did.

Next was to find a venue for the reception, not to far from home but with a bar and somewhere we could treat our guests to something nice to eat. Ben used to go to Stone Pavilion as a cub and they had recently redecorated it.

Now the fun could begin, the dress and suits were chosen along with our colour theme. I never wanted a proper wedding dress and was going to just buy a pretty. Summer dress. However an event popped up on my Facebook page for a sample sale so I went along. You have never seen so many wedding dresses in one room. Must of been hundreds. I slipped into dress after dress until I came to my chosen dress. It needed some alteration but it was the one and a bargain at a quarter of its original price.

I wanted to make my own Bouquet so we found some very realistic artificial flowers and I managed with the help the help of you tube to put it all together. This made Sam’s bouquet fairly straight forward to.

Brides bouquet.

The bridesmaid bouquet.

Next was to think about the cake. We had great fun sampling different variations, fruit, sponge, chocolate and lemon. In the end we chose to have a fruit base with a vanilla sponge top layer and a chocolate gluten free cake.

During the year we have been trying to attract more butterflies into our garden and so as we have a huge love of the outdoors, butterflies were chosen to match in with out colour theme.

Everyone had instructions to let me concentrate for the day whilst I made endless amounts of butterflies and then stick them to a polystyrene cake. Once we were happy I next made 147 butterflies for the final cake and left them to dry for a few weeks.

Now the logs were interesting. If you were to purchase slices of log you can pay a pretty penny for them, so after passing a tree surgeon one day we acquired ourselves a couple of stumps. Just now need to get them cut. Our friend, Rob offered to cut them and made a marvellous job of it. We just had to store them and treat them in cooking oil until the dried out. These gave the cake and some other decorations a real lift on the day.

As if doing all that wasn’t enough. I decided to spray up and old hula hoop and cover it with lace and flowers. Again recycling what I had in the house, I used the ivy from our fireplace and artificial flowers. With a few butterflies added in to keep it to the theme and a Mr & Mrs sign picked up as part of a bargain accessory bundle. I’m very happy with it, now where to put it.

Then we needed table decorations. We had been given some wine bottles with lights in them and some round mirrors so to add to the display I prettied up some glass jars and Sam and I filled them with flowers. We had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sunshine in the garden two days before the wedding.

For the favours we had decided upon personalised love hearts. We ordered 200 packets of sweets but when they came we had to stick all 200 labels on the sheets as they had come separately.

Only another 199 to go!

For the music for the evening we wanted originally to have a live band, but the cost was out of our reach. So a friend recommended us a young man called Matthew Crane.

This is his website so you can read all about him.

He sang during the reception and his voice was captivating. Even my dad said how good he was ( for those of you who know my dad, that doesn’t happen very often 😂)

After he sang, he played an assortment of tunes for us to dance the night away.

So if your thinking of getting married and you do not want to spend a fortune, remember you can do things on a budget and make your day special. We certainly did x

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