A trip to France: Day One

A few months back Rich surprised me with a ticket for us to have a day out. This was no ordinary ticket. For me I can imagine it was how Charlie felt when he won the golden ticket to visit Willie Wonker and the chocolate factory, but for me this was better ( plus I can’t eat chocolate so what good would that do me 😄)

We started planning. Ben agreed to look after Suzy, dad is improving so would be ok with out me for a few days and the van, well that’s always ready for an adventure.

Tickets booked for the Eurotunnel and bags packed. It was decided we would find an air bnb to stay in as it could be very cold this time of year, plus all the campsites in this region are shut for the winter.

It was a bit of a shock getting up at 5am but we were eager to get going to meet our early train. After a good run to Folkestone we discovered that our train had been cancelled so had to wait for an hour for the next.

The train did arrive in good time and off we go on the wrong side of the road. The roads in France are so easy to drive on. People seem to know how to use all the lanes and respect the other drivers. They don’t even have hold ups when they are doing road works.

Our first stop was just past Rouen. Just past as last time we drove through Rouen it was so confusing so best this time to get past it before having a cuppa and relaxing.

The stop seemed familiar to us. When two cats popped their heads out we knew we had been here on our honeymoon travels. What are the chances of stopping at the same services in the whole of France. We remembered the cats as last time they were kittens and now they are more grown up.

Lunch eaten and time for the next stage.

Driving through rain and mist we reached Alençon. A town in the Centre-de-la-Loire. This was a region on our geocaching map that we hadn’t found a cache yet. We drove to a small country lane and in the arco we discovered a soggy cache. Oh well it’s a region covered. Onwards towards our destination.

A small supermarket was in one of the next towns so after a quick stop and checking out local caches we moved on but not until I had purchased not one but two goats cheese Camembert and a fresh French stick.

We didn’t need to navigate to the next cache as you couldn’t really miss it. I’m quite a fan of art and some graffiti and this was not to be missed. The town welcomed two Columbian local artists to carry out the mural. I think you’ll agree it’s spectacular. Region number two now discovered on our trip.

After a short drive we arrived at our destination. The house was the lock keepers cottage and is now used for passing cyclists as lodgings. In the winter it’s an Air BNB.

Basic inside, but warm and clean. Perched right next to the river bank with its fast flowing water. It would do us perfectly for the next few a days as we intend to be out exploring, grabbing a few caches, visiting some local shops and of course our day out.

Dinner had been prepared before we left home but we did bake one of our Camembert to enjoy with the local bread.

Tomorrow’s plan is the exploring and for me as I’m often awake at silly o’clock a stroll by the river hunting for Tupperware, which by sheer chance is a whole series on our doorstep. 😁

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