The return to England.

Sadly was the day we have to return home. We have really enjoyed our stay in France and have been so fortunate with the weather. I stood for a while watching the fast flowing river race over the weir and it was mild enough not to need a jumper.

It was decided that we would not take the toll roads on the first part of our journey home. We wanted to see some of the villages rather than just motorway. It didn’t disappoint. Oh and a rather delicious patisserie to stock up on route.

Our lunch stop was a pretty little picnic area about 2.5 hours into our journey where enjoyed a fresh baguette from the baguette machine in Sacé this morning. ( that was a funny experience. You put €1.10 in and out pops the baguette)

Desert was Rum Baba for Rich, a traditional French cake with a small pip-pet sticking in it. Of which when he squeezed it, it soaked the cake in rum. Mine was an almond Galette. Now I though it odd that it came with a paper golden crown. But I now know it is also referred to as a king cake and traditionally eaten on the first day of Epiphany. Fortunately I had cut a piece with the surprise in as I can’t imagine hitting into it. A trip to the dentist May have been required. It has a small china object inside which resembles a cat.

If I’m right in thinking whoever was to have that piece would then wear the crown.

Time to head of for the next leg of our journey. Here we used a few toll roads to catch up some time but all the roads today were so empty. This saved us an hour so it only took us another 3 hours to reach the eurotunnel.

Once we arrived we brewed up a quick cup of tea before being loaded on to the train then enjoyed the tea with some yummy French biscuits.

Until next time.

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