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Garden project, Phase one

A while back we discovered that our raised bed at the end of the garden had wrotten through. We looked at many ways to rebuild it, slabs, brick raised blocks but in the end we decided to replace the sleepers with new sleepers.

Partly due it being less complicated and partly it being less work as we are all struggling with aches and pains so it seems the easiest solution.

Once I told dad he was like a man on a mission. The sleepers were researched and ordered online and delivered Thursday morning. A very kind neighbour helped lift them through to the garden as they are very heavy.

That afternoon we cracked on. Well actually the old sleepers cracked as easy as anything. So they were out in no time at all.

Earwig eggs

Now I thought it would be quite straight forward. Oh how wrong 😂The old sleepers had been leaning forward for a few years so the Earth was not far behind. This meant that we had to scrap quite a layer away to realign the new sleepers into an upright position.

We battled away and finally got one sleeper in position. Boy they are heavy. After this we called it a night as tummy’s have started to rumble and quite frankly we were pooped.

Friday morning greeted us with a hard frost but bright blue skies. We wrapped ourselves up and got to work. The second sleeper was to be a little more trying. However after a lesson in how to use a power saw we had the next lined up and spotted into position. A metal post was also cut up and hammered into place behind the sleepers and screwed into place to hold them steady.

Next was to be shown how to work out how to cut an angle. Oh and a new blade on the saw made easier going. I’m sure dad was wishing he had a boy at this point but he didn’t lose his temper so I must have been a good student.

My little helper
Suzy, the sun worshiper

After some fixings and tidying oh and not forgetting using the power saw again to cut up the old sleepers it was time to call it a day. Bones aching but lots of lessons learnt. It’s looking good already. We have another stage to go and the new sleepers need to be painted but with bad weather due over the weekend that can wait till next time.

The cleaners are in, yes hoovering the grass😂
Looking good