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Garden project – Phase Two

During the week i’d asked dad if when he returns from Scotland he could clear some space in the shed so that we could empty the greenhouse of non greenhouse items. Well, as you may know dad loves a project and as the sun was shining he began the massive task. Well it should be a massive task however for now he just shoved everything in his workshop so it cleared the space.

Whilst he was busy pottering, hoovering spiders and moving boxes, I decided to lay the slabs properly that we had placed on the grass earlier in Autumn to stop Suzy churning all the mud. It was bright sunshine and quite warm so I got to work. A while later, the slabs are set down in the grass and it looks much better.


It will look more settled once the lawn is mowed better around them.

Part B of this plan was to place pots all along the edge of the patio to stop Suzy doing a mad dash along the same route down the garden to try and give the grass a bit of time to recuperate. Here’s hopeing it works.

Sunday’s plan changed last minute. But so as not to miss out on a day I decided to plant up the begonias and Lilly bulbs that Rich bought me for Valentine’s Day.

Lily’s in large pots on the floor.

The greenhouse is a hive of activity at the moment. Even Rich has green fingers and is nursing some seeds of his own. We have shelves of mini propagators and various pots. Sweet peas are sprouting in toilet rolls, cherry tomatoes and aubergines are springing into life and even the cosmos are started to poke through the soil.

Sweet peas
Tomatoes and Aubergines.

Each morning and night we take a trip to the greenhouse to open and close the vents and we are amazed at how these little seeds are coming into life. The cucumber plants on the kitchen window sill are doing exceptional well being that bit warmer.


Gardening is my favourite form of therapy especially at this time of year. Even today In the strong gusty wind it was warm and relaxing.

Spring is waking up all around us.

Giant Crocus
Clematis waking.
New shoots
Hellebore’s smiling
Rhododendrons in bud.

The camilla I thought I’d lost now in the ground and thriving once more.
Raspberry new shoots
Rebecca the clematis looking good
My little garden helper.

Rich had purchased a Venus fly trip when we went to the gardeners world show last year. He is over the moon that not only does it go from strength to strength but it has two flower stems which today sees the buds starting to open

During the afternoon the rain set in and the wind increased. So the best thing to do is relax, cook and enjoy a roast dinner with home made Yorkshire’s which we are pleased to say were all nice and even in our second new oven ( don’t ask, long story😂)

Happy Sunday everyone. 🥰