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Rich Hurcombe – the most positive man

On April 1st 2020 we lost a great man. Rich and I met through geocaching and throughout our time together we lived live to its fullest despite many hospital visits and treatments.

Rich never let his illness stop him, he continued working until August 2018 and even after that he still arranged and took part in many adventures.

After his big operation and gaining strength Rich challenged himself to learn to climb. Geocaching via just walking to the cache wasn’t challenging enough. So after reading many books, studying many videos and even going on a tree climbing course you would find him most weekends up a tree or two. Or when the sun was really shining paddling along somewhere in our boat.

Geocaching gave us many adventures home and abroad and Rich made many friends.

After another round of surgery and really intense nuclear treatment Rich wasn’t strong enough to climb or walk very far. But that didn’t stop him. After quite some discussions we focused on what he could do. So we bought a new van, Miss Lexy and had the most amazing adventures .

Miss Lexy

We were fortunate to camp in many beautiful places and some of which can be seen on past blog posts. Amongst our favourite was to be our 3 week honeymoon travelling through France and Spain. Rich loved the sun shine and there was nothing he liked more than to sit outside Miss Lexy with a cocktail and a good book.

Of course we have to mention our perfect wedding day. It didn’t take much time to plan as we knew what we wanted and we couldn’t have asked for it to have gone better.

Many adventures were had with Suzy, some ended rather mucky but most were brilliant fun.

Road trip to Scotland, this was at Fort William

Our last big adventure was to visit Chateau De la motte Husson in the Pay de Loire in France. Rich surprised me with a gardening day at the chateau with the lovely Angel and Dick. It was a fabulous weekend and day full of delights at the chateau. Rich didn’t stop smiling all day.

I consider myself the luckiest lady to have met Rich. He made me smile and took me to wonderful places. Our travels and adventures will never be forgotten. x x