Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

Time to say Goodbye……

What a tough day!

Not only do we have to say goodbye today but we had to do it in these very strange times. My day started very early as I wanted to make my own flower arrangement for Rich. It was started yesterday by cutting all the foliage and some flowers from our garden that we worked on last year. Our neighbours gave us some iris flowers to add in also.

My little helper was by my side the whole time, it’s as if she knew what today was. I was pleased with my arrangement so after getting myself together I headed off to collect the family flowers and deliver them to the funeral directors.

There’s something special about this pandemic, it really has bought out the best in people. Everyone I have seen has been so nice and patient.

After dropping everything off. I headed home. It was a very strange couple of hours. Anxiety took over. I dropped a parcel of treats over to the entrance of the hospital (currently you can still drop things at the door for the porter to take to the ward) then chatted to a lady on messenger to ease my anxiety.

Ben and I headed off and met the few people we could invite in the car park. I should mention that today is a beautiful day, sun shining and blue skies. Everyone looked so smart.

As services go I thought this one was so lovely. The Chaplin we had met at the hospice. A lovely man who pitched the service in my opinion spot on. Not to religious but some very apt verses and prayer. Our friend Mark read a beautiful eulogy and Nick read a poem which was very Rich.

Everyone did Rich proud today and we even still managed to smile. Yes we even managed to sing out along with Bohemian rhapsody. I bet Rich would have either been singing along or laughing at our out of tune version.

Rich was as we know the king of positivity so I told myself that although today was the toughest we had to face, the sun still shone and in this time of lock down we got to see our friends and family in person and get out of the house.

After some chatting and giving out my sunflowers it was time to go home and raise a glass for the bravest, cheekiest handsome loving man I have ever met.

The sunflowers were Rich’s idea a while back. At Christmas we had a family gingerbread house decorating competition and he said we should have a sunflower growing event. So today Jan, Lisa, Craig, Sam, Jeanie and Bev are the proud parents of baby sunflower plants. The idea is that we can also watch them grow, smile in the sunshine and remember Rich.

So to my darling man, I love you so much. Thank you for your encouragement, support love and kindness you shared with me over the last four years. Thank you for becoming my husband. It’s over to soon but I’m so grateful for everything we shared. X X X