Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

A couple of gardening type days.

Some of you may remember a while back dad taught me how to put a new border in at the bottom of our garden. Well it was about time it got painted along with a spruce up of the front of the shed.

So sun hat on, little helper in toe I painted it all. It’s quite entertaining the positions you find yourself in trying to paint behind plants.

Mummy’s little helper

I was about to go to bed when I popped outside looked up and saw lots of satellites flying above and the night sky was as clear as anything. So I grabbed my long cushion and a blanket and spent the next hour laying on an empty patio watching them. Apparently they are part of project Starlink.

Venus on show above London
Through the telescope view of Venus

The next morning it was time for the next step, jet wash patio ready for the hot tub to come out. My goodness me, Bev you were right it is addictive but also annoying at the same time. My poor neighbours with that noise all day. however I must say it now look sparkling, even the pots as I got a bit carried away washing everything.


Even Rebecca is flowering today.

So that’s today’s mission accomplished. Time for a shower and to relax awhile. Tomorrow we shall wash the windows before getting the hot tub out. How exciting.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone.