Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

Suzy goes to the hairdresser……

It’s a jobs day today. We wanted to get the patio finished, so windows need to be washed, hoovering done and the main job Suzy’s haircut.

Now for those of you that know Suzy, she used to have long hair, but it goes all over the house. Rich started a while back cutting her hair but then we started treating her to go to the Suzy salon.

However it’s lockdown and needs must. So Ben and I dug out her clippers, got ourselves in old clothes and sat ourselves with Suzy on the patio.

Wow. That’s a bit of fur!

We decided on a number 3 in the end. It started well but then she got a bit snappy when we tried to trim her near her head. So with a few treats and some fuss we went in again. Not a perfect cut like Rich or the Salon used to do bit she certainly looks tidier and has a new spring in her step.

The last part of her pamper treatment was to have a shower. Past experience tells us that if we do this in the bath there is a horrible mess to clear up after. So plan B, fill up the water tanks in the van and use the outside shower function. Great fun showering her and Ben on the drive. She looks more like a princess again now and younger.


Well positive day, windows washed, hoovering done and sun shine. The excitement of the day, our online shopping arriving this morning. Funny how the same basic things can brighten your day x