Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

Lockdown gardening day??

I’ve lost count of what day we are on. I just know that I am keeping myself busy and I am so grateful that I have a garden and beautiful sunshine.

I started the morning by watching some gardening tips. That was the motivation I needed today to get out of bed. By 7.30 I was in the garden and projects lined up. But not until the greenhouse had been opened up for the day. It’s a hive of activity in their at the moment but some of it I am now bringing out each day to harden of before planting out in May. Once this task had been done it was time for project one of the day. Renovating another tatty old hanging basket ready for some cherry tomatoes in the next few days. I forgot to take a photo before but I’m happy with the end result.

Running short on pink so now everything will have to be grey.

Next it was time to pot on some of the herbs and melons I had been growing. I’ve to many for myself so have some to our next door neighbours and got some ready for Bev.

Last year we put three purple obelisk in the garden and although some have now plants growing up them, I wanted something for winter. So I planted a couple of winter flowering Clematis, one on the purple obelisk and one to grow in between the climbing roses we purchased at the Gardeners world live show last year. I’ll add photos tomorrow as I forgot to take them today.

I then heard my name over the fence, it was my lovely neighbour offering me a piece of freshly made quiche. I gratefully excepted and made a small salad to accompany it. You Just cant beat lunch outside.

After lunch I just pottered and did a little work on the van. Even Suzy had fun as I put out her little paddling pool. She was straight in. One happy pup.

The afternoon was spent out of the hot sun catching up with some cross stitch. It’s good to be energetic, but it’s also good to just stop sometimes. I’ll leave you with some photos of the garden bursting into life for the new season.

Rich’s Blue Delphinium.
Cucumbers are on their way
Strawberry’s in bloom, very exciting.
Mummy’s little helper.