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Garden project – Phase three

Feeling energetic today and the need to keep busy and as it wasn’t as hot and sunny it was the perfect day to start phase three of the garden project.

First job though, open up the greenhouse, put the bedding on to wash and get Ben out of bed. Oh hang on, scrap the last one. Ben hadn’t gone to bed yet! Best keep him busy then.

A few days ago I placed some string along the side of the garden as this phase is widening the border. It took a few attempts to find the shape I liked and would work with what I wanted to plant. So final design decided I got to digging out the edging bricks and placing them along the new line to ensure it would work and look good.

Original border.
Bricks up.

That turned out to be the easy bit. Next I had to cut along the grass by the new line of bricks to be able to take the turf up. Now that took some energy and a few tea breaks.

Mummy’s little helper strikes again.
Turf gone.

Time for lunch. The sun was starting to break through and the day becoming warmer, something I could have done without really.

Recharged and ready to go the next stage is to dig over the compacted soil. This job just gets harder. The amount of roots and stones. I forked through as best I could today and thought best leave it for the next day before I do it again. If I’m honest I was also running out of energy and wanted to make sure we had a delicious dinner tonight. Tools away, Ben and I set of for a Suzy walk of which she was happy to join us. The skies are now blue and the sun shinning.

All dug over and of course mummy’s little helper.

Dinner was to be super healthy, Roast chicken stuffed with garden herbs and lemon and for me roasted veg including a whole roast garlic bulb and red onion. If you haven’t tried roasting a red onion whole you really should. It becomes delicious and sweet. Enough left overs for lunch and Chicken enchilada tomorrow.

I’ll leave you for this evening with some more pictures of our garden bursting into colour. Have a good evening everyone and stay safe. X

Advent Bells Clematis.
Napaulinus Clematis, planted alongside our climbing rose arch.
Our newest Rhodedendrum almost in bloom.
Blue bells in full bloom on dads birthday, his favourite.