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Garden project -Phase three, continues

So where were we?

Oh yes, aching lots from the previous days digging ect. Oh well, as they say no pain no gain! Really??

So today’s project is to get the soil dug over, as many roots and large stones removed and edging bricks relaid. I managed to smash the soil up with the rake then work my way through with some little spikes tool. Not sure of its name. A whole bucket of stones later and another bucket of roots it wasn’t looking to bad. But oh my, so much chalk and what looks like the remains of old terracotta kitchen floor. Well at least I can recycle that to use in the bottom of pots this year. I usually use the polystyrene from the bedding plants but with the nursery’s and garden centres being closed this year I’ve grown all my own plants instead.

So this is how the border looked first thing this morning.

Next was to replace the brick edging. Now I’d had a lesson from dad how to do this recently when I’d replanted the pond area. So I set to work with my trusty block of wood and very heavy hammer and bit by bit the bricks took shape.

Then with another rake over of the soil I evened out the border ready for the manure to be dug in the next day.

Before anyone mentions it, I know it’s not straight and it’s not meant to be. The curves compliment the lines of the pond.

Mid afternoon we had set up a surprise for Jan, Rich’s mum. It’s her birthday today and with lockdown we couldn’t meet up to celebrate. So the next best thing, we arranged a zoom video call and that we would all have birthday cake and candles with a cup of tea at the ready to surprise her along with an out of tune version of happy birthday. (I blame it on the signal delay😀) I hadn’t ordered any cake on this weeks shopping but I did have everything we needed for a lemon drizzle cake.

Lemon drizzle cake.

It was great. So nice to see everyone and enjoy cake at the same time. still not the same as meeting up but when this is all over we will be having a celebration for everyone’s birthday’s during lockdown.

So garden cleared up and knowing I would be completely worn out this evening, I’d prepared home made crumbles this morning. Apple for Ben and mixed fruit for myself. Doubled up the portions to so no need for desert making over the next few days. Main course was chicken enchilada, again with chicken cooked the previous night to make life simple today.

I’d intended to sit in the den this evening with my cross stitch but the weather was so nice I laid on the bench outside in the sunshine for a while listening to the waterfalls in the pond and the birds nearby. (one of the positives of lockdown is very little road traffic on the nearby M25 and A2) Whilst I laid here the bird song seemed to get quite loud. Now I hadn’t seen a sparrow in our garden for years but all of a sudden one was right by me catching the bugs out of Rebecca the clematis and the hanging basket next to me. Quite an inquisitive little fellow.

Mid flight
Sat on the hanging basket bracket taking the bugs out of a spiders web.

I’ll leave you with a few flower pictures. The first rhododendron was taken early this morning. The second late this evening. It’s trying it’s hardest to open.

First thing this morning.
This evening.
The first cucamelon peeping through the soil

So it looks like Monday may be our last day of beautiful weather. Rain predicted later in the week. Most people I speak to aren’t to happy about this but I’m quite excited. My water tanks will be refilled, ponds refreshed and the strawberry plants will bask in the rain water.

Tomorrow I shall get some manure dug into the soil in the widened border and plant my new plant that arrived a week ago. Then I will wait a few weeks until the plants in the greenhouse are ready to be planted out.