Garden Project – Phase four

I woke this morning thinking I’d just plant a couple of plants in the new border then relax for the remainder of the day. Oh how the day can change!

The new border needed a rake over to remove yet more stones. Then I planted a new ornamental grass in place and decided to plant some gladioli, foxglove and Nigella seeds in a small part along with an echinacea that id managed to grow.

New grass’s in place.
Gladioli, Foxgloves and Nigella planted along with a new Echinacea.

More lettuce needed putting in and I needed to see how the veg pots are coming along (very exciting as the carrots are coming into life)

Red carrots.

Feeling quite tired today as I hadn’t had much sleep so after lunch it appeared I had a few hours sleep. I woke with the sun beaming through the window. I checked the weather to see rain forecast for the next few days. Some may not be happy by this but I’m delighted as I may have mentioned before.

Time for change of plans. No time for sewing today. May as well make the most of this gorgeous weather and the forecasted rain and commence phase four of the garden project.

Rich and I had planned to turn part of the lower garden into a wild flower meadow. It isn’t a huge space but we were really keen to encourage more bees and butterflies into the garden. That and Monty made it look so easy.

So as rain is forecast I pulled myself together and got started on our phase four.

The area ready to be prepped.

Who needs a gym when you have a garden? Firstly I had to mow the lawn. Ben kindly mowed the rest so that I could crack on with this area. Then it needed to be raked. I did try this with a manual rake but the ground is so hard I wasn’t getting anywhere. So out came the rake machine. It’s like a lawn mower but rakes. It’s so addictive 😄 Then Monty had a prong type tool to really scrape the ground. I sort of have one. My magic tool that worked well in the new border. The trouble is it doesn’t have a long handle so on my hands and knees I worked my way across. It’s amazing how much moss ect still came up after using the rake machine. The point I was trying to get to is to be able to see bare patches between the grass.

Mummy’s little helper just happens to sit right where I am trying to work.
Bare patches of grass ready for seeding.

Now for the exciting part. I’d bought two mixes of wildflower seeds as I couldn’t decide, so after mixing them together with some sand I set about broadcasting them into the prepared space. Following this you have to stand on them to ensure contact with the soil. Another dance move and workout.

Wild meadow and Summer meadow mix.
Seed and sand mix.
Doing the stomp dance.

How rewarding to stand back and see what you have achieved, then to think how do I stop a certain Suzy pooing on it!

Out came the posts and string and I managed to set a temporary fence. Fingers crossed it works. Lightly watered, rain due phew.

Suzy fencing.

Time to tidy up and check on the greenhouse. It’s getting so close to planting out time.

Some of you may remember I mentioned that we are having a family Sunflower growing event. Bev sent me a photo of how hers is doing last night and I’ve added how mine has suddenly stood upright.

The cucamelons continue to break through the soil today along with some newly planted sunflowers and runner beans. It’s so refreshing.

It’s been another productive day in the garden. I may not be able to do much out there for the next few days. All depends how much it rains. Anyway I may need some indoor time to recover from my garden gym.

I’ll leave you with today’s rhododendron blossom update x

Pond by night.

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