Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

A strange kind of day.

Today was meant to be a relaxing kind of day after the busy garden projects. You know the kind, drink tea, stay out of the rain and put your feet up. But those of you that know me know that’s not me.

The day started by opening the greenhouse as usual and bringing some plants out to enjoy the rain. It rained the majority of the day which is ok when your garden needs it.

It was meant to be a ten minute job, but I got distracted and decided to pop a couple of the cherry tomato plants into the recently sprayed hanging basket.

Cherry tomatoes.

As I was about to go indoors I spotted some snails happily munching their way through some of the plants. The rain really does bring them out of their hiding places. So armed with gloves and a carrier bag Suzy and I worked our way round the garden collecting them all and tying the bag up to dispose of them.

This was to be repeated a few times throughout the day. Very therapeutic in a strange kind of way.

It reminded me that I still needed to make my snail and slug wash. I’d read up that it was a good organic way to stop them chomping on your delicate plants. So whilst lunch was cooking I boiled up two garlic bulbs in two pints of water and left it outside to cool. Once cool I strained the garlic and put the water into bottles ready to attack the little blighters. I shall let you know how we get on.

Snail and slug repellent.

After some time spent with Ben once he finally got out of bed it was time to cook dinner and unwind with some sewing.

Home made spaghetti carbonara with tomatoes.

So what will tomorrow hold? More rain according to the weather forecast. Hopefully this will help our new wild flower meadow to spring in to life. I’ll leave you with today’s rhododendron photo x