Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

Who is this teenager wearing Bens clothes??

Suzy had me up early this morning as the crows had been winding her up and she felt the need to bark at them from the garden. It was 5am! Back to bed for a while with a cup of tea to think about our day ahead and check the weather report. By 7am we both needed breakfast and were about to get up again when we heard a strange noise. Not the crows this time but Ben! Wow. It’s before 2pm and he is wide awake and human. So we all trotted off downstairs for breakfast and it was decided that as it was due to rain in the afternoon we would take Suzy out this morning and walk to the woods behind our country park.

It really has started out quite warm today and bright. As we approached the woods we were met by carpets of bright bluebells. They always make me smile and they are dads favourite flower so we took lots of pictures for him.

After our lovely wander through the woods we went home for a cup of coffee and for me to have a tour of the garden. It’s so amazing to see how everything grows at double the speed when it has rained. Ben will be pleased he gets to cut the grass again so soon 😄

The strawberry plants seem double the height than a few days ago.

Refreshed and refuelled I decided I felt in the mood to tackle our wall art. Last March we had our hall and landing redecorated. We chose a plain colour and Rich and I found a transfer that we both really liked to brighten up the plain wall up along the stairs. Finally a few months ago we got round to ordering it but sadly it was delayed and it arrived whilst Rich was in the hospice. Now some of you know about his passion for tree climbing so, yes you guessed it. We now have a tree in our hallway.

I was surprised how easy it was to put up albeit time consuming but with Bens help and four hours later I was happy with the end result.

Just a few leaves to add.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the black tree trunk but Ben and Rich had both said it would look great and they were not wrong. It’s so striking. I’m so pleased.

At some point over the next few days I hope to continue the next wall with something else Rich and I chose to do.

After all of that concentration I took some time out to wander round the garden looking to see what has sprung into life this afternoon. That and to take a few more snails to their new home, the carrier bag.

Time for dinner which for me today was baked Camembert with garlic and honey, fresh baked baguette and chips. Ben enjoyed a good old fashioned chip butty. Can you tell we are low on supplies and the shopping is due in the morning?

Who knows what tomorrow holds, buts let’s all hope for some positivity and some sunshine between the rain x x