Monthly Archives: Apr 2020

It’s a pond life…..

So today rain was due in the afternoon. On this mornings list was to clean out the pond filters and tidy the waterfalls. However Suzy had other ideas which was quite a good call as the rain in the afternoon going into the evening was really heavy. Shoes on and off Suzy and I went for a walk down the road and around part of the country park. There was a man wizzing around on his sit on lawnmower cutting the grass paths wider so everyone can carry on social distancing without walking through the rapidly growing long grass.

Once back it was time for freshly baked croissants and Damson jam before tackling the algae in the pond. Whilst waiting for the croissants, two very cheeky doves decided they would like our moss that’s on an ornamental bird house for there own nest!

Pond maintenance went well so I decided to pot up one of my aubergine plants. I’d seen an old dustbin around the car port and it didn’t look like it had a home or being used for anything so a few holes were drilled and it’s now been up cycled into a pot for the aubergine. When I was replacing it in the greenhouse there was a loud noise outside. Rain! Wow didn’t see that coming. As I started to potter tidying the shed I suddenly remembered I’d left the house phone on the table on the patio. It’s had a lovely wash now and hopefully still works.

Aubergine plant

Time to relax, spend a bit of time sewing and pop out into the garden in between the rain to take some photos of the flowers bursting into life after their shower.

Another highlight of our lockdown day today, it’s shopping delivery day. Hooray. Who would have thought we would all get so excited about bags of fresh food making their way into the house. I could get used to this not going to the supermarket.

The first purple rhododendron coming into flower.
The alliums open more than this morning.
The first of the rose buds.
A gift from the birds I think. I don’t remember planting it.
Star of Bethlehem.
Rebecca doing very well, fingers crossed the rain doesn’t damage it to much.
Digitalis coming into bud.

Recently you may may remember I spent awhile collecting the snails in the garden and disposing of them. Well I’m please to report that the snail count today has remained considerable lower and no chomping of precious plants.

Now slight change of topic. Next Friday, 8th May is the 75th anniversary of the VE Day celebrations. I saw the below poster on a local face book group so Ben and I are planning on having our own mini event. We will be putting out our bunting, not red white and blue as ours is pretty soft colours to match our last Campervan and wearing something Red, white and Blue. We shall enjoy cake and some other surprise treats and just spoil ourselves a little in this challenging time. Why not join us virtually and then send us your pictures of either your decorations or indulgent treats?

So that’s our day today. I should mention when I woke at stupid o’clock today (breakfast was at 4.30am) the leaves on the new tree were still attached to the wall. Phew. I had visions of them going curly in the night like the slippery fish you get out of Christmas crackers. Night everyone x x