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A green finger kind of day……

I started the day by not really knowing what to do. But the sun was shining and that always inspires me to get out in the garden. Especially on days that I find challenging and today is one of those.

Having anxiety is a horrible feeling and one I struggle to control. For the majority of the day I was buzzing from one thing to the next unable to relax with a tight chest. I really need to calm down and relax but that just wasn’t happening.

Some of you know already but my dad was admitted to hospital two weeks ago when I found him collapsed in his bathroom. His condition deteriorated rapidly and the medical teams couldn’t quite work out what was happening to him. Then the dreaded happened and he tested positive for Covid 19. We don’t know if he had it before or from the hospital but that’s irrelevant. What I can say is all the staff at Darent Valley hospital have gone above and beyond, especially as we are not allowed to visit. They sent me a video of them all singing happy birthday to him and they face time Ben and myself regularly so that we can talk to him. He responds to us.

Today when I made my morning call to see how his night had been the Sister told me something amazing. He had spent most of the night without his CPAP oxygen. WHAT! Did I hear right? I couldn’t stop the tears of joy and I was even more desperate to talk to him. So a little later in the day the nurse face timed us and we told dad how proud we are and to keep fighting. He nodded. That’s all I needed x x

So whilst he is battle continues you can now see why I just can’t sit down. Thank goodness for gardening and sunshine. Thank goodness I have a wonderful son. Thank goodness we have this gorgeous puppy to keep our spirits up and thank goodness for the most supportive family and friends. Without all this I would truly fall apart as my best friend, my Husband is also not here to keep my spirits lifted.

Suzy is often comforting me and by my side. Currently curled up on my feet as I write this blog. X

I think today is Saturday, who knows one day is just like another 🙂

The previous night I took part in an online quiz with friends. It was great fun even if I didn’t know many answers.

But what of today. Well the Melons that Rich bought me as seeds for Valentines needed planting on and this meant it was time to get a grow bag into the greenhouse and the supports for them to climb up. Where on Earth was I going to put it? So with a complete rejig and moving some plants to sheltered spots on the patio, moving the trellis and mostly just turning on the spot as it really is a small greenhouse the grow-bag was in and melons planted.

Melons now in place.
There is a floor somewhere.

In a strange kind of way I am enjoying lockdown. It makes me really think how and why we do things. I’ve looked at things in a completely different way. I always thought I did an ok job at recycling but I’m going to extremes now. We tend to have lots of old buckets and pots laying around (Dad loves to hoard stuff which is coming in very handy right now!) The trellis in the greenhouse used to be Covered in bright flowers in our spa room but as I currently can’t find my plant ball of string anywhere trellis will work perfectly. The buckets and tubs are bit by bit having holes drilled in them and reused for the Cucumbers and aubergines in the greenhouse. Sad looking hanging baskets have been sprayed and given a new fresh look. Plants grown by seed to save on cost, more veg then I’ve ever grown before to save buying from the shops (tastes way better anyway) done in potato bags and lined up along the path as I do not have space in my veg patch. Soil sieved and mixed with manure to reuse and make it go further in the new border. Plant swaps with my neighbour. They gave me a lovely hardy Fuchsia today for the new border and some established chives in exchange for the beetroot, melons and Sonnet I gave them. I’m reusing pots from a kind lady on the estate that she gave me just before lockdown. People are so much kinder and I hope this community spirt continues when we beat this awful virus, which we will!

Chives from my neighbour.
Rosemary that I cut back reused in the kitchen to add a touch of green. I’m sure it must smell nice to.

So the newly acquired Fuchsia went in the widened border today where Richs delphinium was originally placed. I moved that forward so that I could see it from the kitchen. My new deeper slug and snail copper rings arrived as well and this is the first plant one was deployed to.

Rich’s delphinium and new fuchsia.
My existing Fucshia moved forward ready for some Verbena Bona-saris that are currently in the greenhouse.

The waterfall on the small pond needed a bit of TLC so I tackled that. The lining was showing and it had been annoying me so I took it all apart, used up some broken slate that I found in the garden and replaced all the rocks. Much better.

Waterfall from the front.
Side view.

The Lilly bulbs that were also part of my Valentine’s Day present are coming up way to early in the greenhouse but I’m worried if I bring them all out now that may not acclimatise fully. But when? So I made the decision to bring some of them out today and place them on the patio and at night move them nearer the house and cover them in fleece. Fingers crossed.

Tucked up for the night.

There was beautiful bird song in the garden today from a pair of Robins that must be nesting near by. They are great company and Suzy found them quite fascinating to watch especially as they sit so close to us making their distinctive noise.


Had a bit of a wobble at lunch time, well my boiled egg did when it fell of the plate! At least it was a dippy egg. Fortunately I had enough to cook another one. You can’t beat dippy egg and soldiers.

This evening I enjoyed another online quiz with even more people. I did a little better with this one but I’m happy to win the wooden spoon if need be. It gives me something else to paint or up-cycle 😂

So that’s just a glimmer of my day. Writing these blogs are just what I need. It makes me sit down and look at what I’ve achieved throughout the day as well as being a record of what we did when that we can look back on. (Handy for the plants and garden) I’ve also had some lovely comments from some of you saying how much you enjoy them and you either read this whilst relaxing in bed or over breakfast. Thank you for those. It means a lot. I’ll leave you with todays garden photos to enjoy.

Next project to brighten up the wooden table dad made by our bench. It looks a little tired and I spotted just the thing in the shed to bring it back to life. Hopefully tomorrow if it’s not raining and whilst our cherry cake bakes in the oven. Until tomorrow x x

I missed one!
Rebecca looking stunning today.
Strawberries forming beautifully.
Stunning sky and sunset this evening.