Monthly Archives: May 2020

Bits, pieces and a tad of pottering……..

Morning everyone. I’d meant to write this last night but Suzy and I had been awake really early and the consequences of that is we fell asleep really early to.

So Sunday shenanigans….. First to bake a cake. It’s Rich’s sister Lisa birthday on Monday so we were having a family video call later in the day with tea and cake. Today Ben and I’s choice was to make a Mary Berry Cherry and almond cake. As usual you can’t go wrong with a Mary Berry recipe, easy to make and tastes delicious.

Mary Berry Cherry cake.

Whilst the cake was baking I prepared everything I needed for today’s updo project. Dad built a little coffee table outside our back door a few years ago. It’s really handy but often gets stuff dumped on it and it needed a little love to completely finish it off.

I had the idea after spotting a tin of the purple paint I’d painted the obelisks with last year in the shed. No need to go to B&Q still. Once the cake was out of the oven and cooling I set to work. Three coats later and the table looks so much brighter. Typically it did rain a little in between and I had to make a quick rain shelter.

The trouble with lockdown and our situation here, the need to keep busy I keep finding more projects. After painting this table my eye was drawn to the patio table and chairs. They are also now looking a little dry and in need of refreshing. I’ll have to search out the shed to see if we have more of the wood preserve. The only trouble with that job is I’m sure I need to sand them all first and I hate that job. The other job that is a potential on the list is to jet wash the drive. That will take a while but again I’m not that bored yet.

Time for our family birthday video call. It’s the best we can do during lockdown, but it’s still not the same as meeting up. It will do for now.

Ben is now up and awake so we harnessed Up the puppy and went out for our daily walk to the country park. There were so many people there today, some with dogs, some with their children and some on bikes. Fortunately it’s a big enough space to still social distance. Ben and I took a small diversion to visit the little garden area that my friend Cheryl and I used to go to as children. Many years ago it had a pond and if I remember rightly lots of frogs. Sadly the pond has broken up but the rangers still keep this area mown and tidy. It’s a great little quiet area to do some training with Suzy.

The pond used to be on the left.
The old pond area. Now covered in plants.

Back home and an easy dinner tonight of shove it in the oven premade Lasagne and to watch The Guernsey Literary Potato peel pie society film. Shame the majority of it wasn’t actually filmed in Guernsey as their coastlines are stunning. Visit if you get the chance when lockdown is over. We will be so that we can see our friends that we last saw at our wedding.

Quick tour of the garden, ensure all the plants in the greenhouse are tucked up for the night and off to bed for me.

My great nans peony opening up in bloom.
Lots of plants taken out of the greenhouse each day to harden off ready to plant out soon.