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The best dad, my dad ❤️

As if things are not difficult enough right now, it just got a whole lot worse..

Two weeks ago my dad collapsed and was admitted to hospital. Now for anyone who knows him will know he is a tough cookie and a real fighter. But this was a battle his body could not conquer. Dad had contracted Coronavirus and despite fighting like mad, amazing treatment and support from all the teams at Darent Valley Hospital he passed away on Monday 4th May 2020. All the time he was in hospital the staff would face time us as he was not allowed any visitors, but thankfully the teams there made it possible for me to be with him when it mattered most.

Dad wasn’t ready to leave, he had come through a triple heart by pass in July 2019. It was a slow recovery, but he listened to all the advice he was given, he was patient and he got there. Who would have thought in March he would be fit enough again to walk 7 miles in a day around Glasgow with me?

Royston William Eade was born on the 25th April 1946 in Worcester. Son of Olive and William Eade and brother to Pauline and Colin.

He told me had left school before obtaining any qualifications and worked hard all his life. I don’t know anyone else who did work as hard as he did.

Then in 1975 he became a dad to me. He was a fantastic dad, hands on and got me involved in everything. We lived in Cliff Woods back then moving to Dartford in 1982. The house mum and dad bought needed a lot of work and repair but dad did the majority of this himself, including building the first lot of extensions. He was a very talented man.

Dad got me gardening at the young age of two years old.
Proud dad. X
Supervising me with the extension of the pond.
Nan and Grand-pops 50th wedding anniversary.
A trip to Paris with mum and their friends, Fred and Pam.

Then in 2004 he became a grandad and what a proud grandad he was. He absolutely loved Ben and tried to teach him all about DIY, tools and all the skills he could possible pass on. The best role model Ben could have.

Very proud grandad.

We went on to enjoy holidays together, dad loved traveling in Europe and would drive for hours to get us where we needed to go. I have very fond memories of off the beaten track walks, calling him map man as he always had a map in his hand but never really seemed to look at it. He organised for us to go to Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland. Dad loved the food and of course the wine.

Ben and grandad watching the dolphins in Belgium.
Euro Disney Paris with Barb and Josh.
Look how similar Ben and his grandad look. Two peas in a pod x

For many years dad had been traveling to Guernsey to work at the dairy. Ben and I first accompanied him when Ben was just two years old. Each summer we would fly over there, hire a self catering apartment and just explore the island. As Ben grew older the activities would change slightly but one that didn’t was we always played adventure golf and crabbing. Dads last visit to the island was in August 2018.

Crabbing with Ben in Guernsey.
The ridiculously small hire car we were given one year in Guernsey.
Keeping an eye on Ben in the swimming pool, from our apartment in Guernsey.
Geocaching in Guernsey.
Back in Guernsey with Ben crabbing again.

He even tolerated my geocaching addiction, driving us around and stopping, eventually when we shouted STOP. Dad came on geocaching events to Bruge, Ypres, which was fascinating for all of us and our last trip which I have really fond memories of was to Glasgow.

Glasgow, geocaching. Loved his high vis jacket x

Dad would often be teased about his love of holding onto anything and everything, but when we needed a job doing you can bet your bottom dollar, Roy has one of those! Next question would be though, where? Then we would spend at least an hour looking for it or he would know exactly where it was. He would say it’s downstairs in the cupboard on the shelf or words to that effect. Some of you know though, we have a lot of cupboards 😁 Sorry for often teasing you about this little habit. It really is coming in handy in lockdown or all my little projects. Just need to find the instruction manual for the large pond filter system. Probably in a cupboard!

Then on September 28th 2019, after his heart surgery dad was well enough to make it to my wedding to Rich. He did me proud that day. He got tired quickly but he loved seeing everyone and said the day was perfect from the singer we had to the fish and chips.

I have so many fond memories of dad. Ben and I sat sharing our stories last night with a cup of tea and strawberry tart, one of dads favourites. We laughed and cried but we are so thankful he let us share his home and his life. Gone but no way ever forgotten dad. Love you lots. Sleep well ❤️❤️❤️