Monthly Archives: May 2020

A few days, trying to keep Busy.

As you May well imagine Ben and I don’t really know what to do with ourselves. So we continue to try and remain busy. If I stop anxiety creeps back in.

So keeping up with what’s being posted online, their has been posts with people adding in old school friends recently some of the old pictures are familiar.

My best friend at school was Cheryl and as well as school we did dancing, Netball and later on St John together. I thought I’d share some of those moments in pictures (Sorry Cheryl 🤭)

Cheryl did well as Goal keeper as she was so tall. I was centre.
Class photo. I’m front row on the right. Cheryl, back row on the left.
Dance show at the local community centre. I remember those polka dot skirts so well.
Cheryls 7th birthday.
My lovey grandad standing in the background.

The camper van had had been having hot water issues. Something to do with the frost setting and me not resetting it properly before I ran it again. I want quite sure how to fix it as Rich worked these bits of the panel and I had my little jobs. But with the help of a lady on a forum I managed to fix it. Small wins.

Hot water in the camper again.

As the weather had been so delightful Ben and I have been taking Suzy to the country parks for walks, quite literally. ☺️

Ben taking Suzy for a walk.

Odd jobs done with the plants and more vegetables potted up in the greenhouse, grow bags at the ready. Hopefully next week we can start planting out as we really are running out of room.

Cucumbers flowering nicely.
The hosta repotted.
A late Hyacinth planted after being given to me last year by Matt and Adam.
A spot of colour by the pond.
Rebecca doing so well.
The Peony is looking fabulous.
Sweet pea and Black eye Susan seeds planted.
The first purple Alium starting to bloom.

So the next big job that needed doing that dad and I hadn’t got around to was just reshaping our tree at the end of the garden. It had grown to wide, despite its trim last year and was hanging over a lot of the flower border meaning the plants below aren’t getting enough rain. So with some help it’s now reshaped.


Then it was the turn of the pond. I’d had no luck finding the instruction manual but thank goodness for you tube. A bit of guidance was found so gloves on, socks of, it was time to get messy. Very messy. Once apart we could see how much silt and gunk had built up inside. Bit by bit the filters came out and jet washed clean. Hopefully tomorrow we shall have clearer water.

Jet washing the big waterfall.
Pond water legs.

Rich and I liked to try new foods when we went out on our travels. We had spoke about trying goat as I drink goats milk. A few days ago I saw on the side of the milk carton the dairy sent the male goats to be turned into meat for sale. After looking it up online I found I’d order a selection of meats. Goats burgers, diced and chops. So you guessed it. tonights dinner was goat stew and dumplings. Very nice. Even Ben enjoyed it. Partly as I didn’t tell him it was goat until he had finished. if you get there chance, do try it. A little sweeter than beef and would have been really nice with some apricots added.

Burgers, chops and diced goat.
Goat stew and dumplings.

So a productive few days. Even found the sander in the shed and the treatment for the patio furniture but currently the sand paper has not been found. But I have got brown fence paint tucked in the shed so next job, repaint the wood round the pond I think. We will all be having tip top gardens at end of lockdown.

Once again for tonight I shall leave you with some smiling flowers from the garden.

Rich’s Lilly’s coming into bud. They have now been moved outside the greenhouse as I was out of space.
Happy bees.
I love how the outer casing is translucent and you can see the flower waiting for the right moment to burst out.
Clear waterfall.