Monthly Archives: May 2020

Doing up the garden continued…….

Still trying to keep busy. You May recall a few days ago the pond filters were fully cleaned out. The next morning when I was woken early again by Suzy, I had a quick look at the pond. Crystal clear waters this greeted us. Fabulous, happy fish. Turns out though happy heron too. Saturday morning I was up early again and as I looked out of the window the pesky heron was back. I thought all the potential heron fishing spots had been covered, alas I was wrong. Down the hatch in one. A bright large orange fish. The heron continued to return though out the next hour so I decided enough was enough.

Clear enough to see the bottom of the pond.
Cheeky heron again!
Heron thought it would check out the small pond but he left very disappointed.

It was due to be a very hot sunny day again so by 7.15 Suzy and I were up and in the garden. I had seen that there was some fence paint in the shed, the same colour as the wood surrounding the pond, Hopefully just enough. Busy to work moving the stones away from the wood work and after a quick sweep down it was soon painted and refreshed. Phew just enough. I’ve also patched up the new fishing hole, cheeky heron. We shall be waiting Sunday morning.

Wood before painting at the front.

Whilst I had my painting attire on I got out the spray paint mini workshop, a cardboard box and sprayed up another old wicker basket that had been in the shed. Only grey left but it looks a lot fresher than before. Then with new liner in, the cherry tomatoes seem quite happy.

Cherry tomatoes
A new shade of grey.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of up-cycling. Lockdown really makes you look at what you have and I am really trying to avoid going to the shops. For the next few projects though I was missing sand paper for the sander and paint for the old milk churns.(The sander is for the patio furniture and faded cupboard in the snug.) Dad and I had discussed repainting them and now seems like a suitable time. Good weather and the need to keep occupied. That and I love seeing the before and after. Today I asked my friends the best way to tackle the milk churns and have received some great advice back. One of my good friends texted me this afternoon and asked if we needed anything. I jokingly gave him a list of sandpaper, metal paint and compost for myself and my neighbour. A few hours later the doorbell rang and to my surprise there was the paint, sandpaper and compost. Thank you so much. You can guess what will be started tomorrow. Especially as I found not one but two wire brushes in the shed. That’s one for me and one for Ben☺️ He doesn’t know this yet 😉

Two ready for action wire brushes.
Just a few of the churns ready for refurbishing.

Ben was awake in good time today so armed with his list he set to work. He did a marvellous job of mowing the lawn, hoovering up and making my dinner. We have a new agreement that we are dividing jobs up a bit more now that there is just the two of us and he has offered to do dinner three nights a week. I really don’t mind what it is, it’s just so lovely to have a night off from cooking. Tonight he gave me a Goan fish curry and naan bread. It may be a ding dinner but I’m so grateful.

More of the plants were moved on today including my first ever successful cuttings. I can’t wait to be able to plant them and make up the hanging baskets. As I had so many I gave the neighbours some of the cherry tomato plants and I’d grown a couple of sunflowers from seed for the young man next door. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile on someone’s face or the surprise when you are able to give them plants.

Suzy had a busy day as well today. She had an appointment with the pooch salon as they have been able to reopen as we could exchange on a long lead. She is always so excited when she knows she is going and can’t wait to get in the garden. When I picked her up she was like a new pooch. Walking all fancy, head held high all the way home.

Very pretty Princess.

The flowers in the garden are coming along beautifully and time was even found for a relax on the patio with my gardening magazine and an ice cream. Happy Saturday everyone.

Honeycomb ice cream, yum.
Soon to be strawberries and ice cream
Finally after two years a bud on the pond iris.
The peony in bloom.