Monthly Archives: May 2020

Odd few days……

This lockdown is not to difficult when the sun is shining but on days like today when the temperature suddenly drops and the winds blowing hard things can be a bit more challenging.

So I didn’t feel I had enough content to write a daily post the last few days as I’ve had to tackle some of that challenging paperwork stuff and start making lots of phone calls but I try to remind myself that some of you have commented that you love my blogs and seeing our garden. As one friend said today, she has garden envy but dosn’t have the time to devote to her garden so lives mine through the blog. That’s a really nice thing to say x

So here goes, Heron alert!! Monday morning and Suzy and I woke early ( now there’s a surprise) she had her usual run and bark at anything and everything she could smell in the garden whilst I made a cup of tea to take back to bed. Once settled again I logged into our back garden CCTV and did a very good impression of my dad. He would sit and watch the camera for ages. So did I this morning. Two hours passed and no sightings of the Heron. The wind must be keeping it away today so we shall be ready Tuesday morning to check if all our fishing spots are sorted.

Old milk churns.

So my next project decided and equipment now on hand to start but wait, what is this today? 40mph winds predicted at lunch time! Best not be preparing those just yet and risking bits of paint in our eyes.

After Ben, Suzy and I had our daily walk which today took us past the greengrocer that is at the hospital Monday’s and Fridays we decided to bake some cinnamon buns to enjoy with a cup of coffee to warm us up. Very yummy and tough to resist eating them all at once.

The weather really is a let down after the last week and I was at a loss. So nothing for it, I needed to make a start on more paperwork. Does anyone actually like paperwork? I’m certainly not keen. Along with a few phone calls this passed the majority of the day.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m far more mindful about what I cook and when now. Ben and I have our shopping delivered once a week so we have to plan our daily menu based on what dates are on things or what can go in the freezer. Today the whole chicken required cooking but that’s ok as that’s two nights dinners pretty much done then. Tonight it was to be roast chicken with roasted veg and the remainder of my home grown and homemade rhubarb crumble made the day before. The next day we tend to have enchilada but we are going to have a change this week and make some chicken noodle soup for dinner. It is the quickest easiest recipe and there will only be one saucepan and two bowels for Ben to sort after. It’s great as you can use cooked left over chicken and whatever veg or noodles you happen to have laying around. Ours will probably consist of baby corn, mange tout, cabbage, mushrooms and cashews nuts.

Whilst dinner was cooking I spent a little more time doing the Suzy cross-stitch then catching up with some friends via video chat later on. Thank goodness for the internet.

Sunday morning I did manage to replant our sunflower as it was now way to tall for its current pot and outgrowing the cane I had put in to support it. Cherry tomatoes also planted up in the newly sprayed hanging basket which has been bought under cover for tonight along with some other delicate plants as we are due frost!

Sam and Craig’s sunflowers, doing very well.
Nearly there.
Peony and wallflower perfectly matched in colour.
The Azalea starting to bloom.
No mum, please sit down and take 10 minutes from doing anything.
Just a little sewing tonight as busy night chatting to friends via video call.