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All churned up……

Another early start, Yep you guessed it, Suzy and the crows 5am on the dot. I didn’t seem to mind so much this morning though as I just made a cup of tea and went back to bed and did my impression of my dad. Every morning he would sit with the iPad on, showing the cctv and wait for the paper man to walk on to the drive. Then it would be a race to see who could get to the front door first. ☺️ But this morning I wasn’t looking for the paperman, I was on Heron watch! The wind was almost non existent this morning so I thought it would call by and I could double check he couldn’t go fishing without my permission. Two hours of cctv later, well from the corner of my eye, no sign of the heron.

By this time I was wide awake and raring to go. The weather was due to be warmish and no wind today, perfect for sanding the milk and butter churns. It was a project dad and I spoke about a few weeks ago and I said I would get round to do it. As we are home and still don’t really go out (remembering that even though Boris is relaxing a few measures, the virus still exists and there is no vaccination or cure for some yet) I thought today was the day to start.

So patio prepped, covered in sheets and cardboard I set to work with my safety goggles, gloves and face mask. This took me hours and I had to keep stopping in between as using a wire brush is not something my hands like very much. By lunch time very churns was wire brushed, washed and put out to dry by the pond. One was extremely rusty so I just knocked out the bottom as it was well beyond repair.

Mummy’s little helper wasn’t allowed out to help, she may have got metal in her paws.
Rusty bottom.
This churn was the worst and extremely rusty.
The two green churns scrubbed up and rough paint removed.

Now as I was working on the churns, I noticed company names around the necks of the churns, so I did a little research. One had co op dairy, the others had C&G Prideaux ltd. I quite enjoyed sitting with my cup of tea and trying to find out the age and history of these. So here goes….

The Prideaux Family

In 1878 Charles and Veronica Prideaux moved to Motcombe, and set up a business selling eggs and butter.

In 1892 they opened a factory in Stalbridge followed in 1897 by one in Shillingstone. By 1900 Charles began producing edible casein or Casumen, and the Prideaux Casein and Milk Food Company Ltd was founded. They gained contracts for military hospitals and opened a factory in Evercreech. This was followed in 1907 by a factory in Mere and in 1910 by one in Castle Cary.

In 1914 C & G Prideaux Ltd was incorporated, the shares being held by the family. Full cream milk powder was produced under the name Dorsella. The First World War brought new Government contracts and increased business – especially with regard to dried milk powder for hospitals and abroad. During the war the turnover amounted to £1 million per year. It also meant a change in the workforce.With many men leaving to fight and women taking their place, the workforce now totalled over 200. A print works in Gillingham was started during this time to produce packaging.

Evercreech was mentioned in quite a few articles that I’d read. Seems to be a popular junction for milk trucks and a railway station for the milk to be loaded on to trains. This was in 1966.

So there you have it, a little bit of history in our back garden and we stick plants in them. But they do suit having plants stuck in them.

After lunch I decided to do a click and collect for the black paint I needed as I already had the green. It was so odd going out. I purchased on Screwfix site and within ten minutes I had an email to say my item was ready for collect. Now I wasn’t sure if there would be queue of people but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself the only person in the queue. In no time at all I was back at home and ready to paint.

Fortunately we have a decent amount of space on the patio!

I started with the black churns and worked my way along. It didn’t take to long and they would be touch dry in about an hour. But I couldn’t apply the second coat today so that will be the job for the morning. The green paint was way darker than how they had been but I reckon they were last painted 25ish years ago so the green must have faded over time.

Very dark green.

A few will need a second coat but not all. They now look so much smarter, but I’m still not sure on the dark green. Ben liked the one where I painted the rim and handles the opposite colour and I tend to agree, so I shall replicate this on one of the others tomorrow.

Some plants also turned up today from a friend and I think their striking colours will look great in one of the butter churns.

All tidied up and a much needed shower had, it was time for a simple dinner of chicken salad and chips, do try popping some strawberries in your salad. Fabulous combination.

Suzy had a nice evening watching a dog training programme on the television. I’m not sure if she liked the dogs most or Martin Clunes narration voice!

Fingers crossed for a bright but no wind start to the day tomorrow. But that’s it for today. I shall leave you with today’s flower pictures. The alliums are opening steadily and the rose climbing across the shed looks the best it has for years. Night all..