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All churned up, the finale…..

Yesterday saw the filing down of the ten gallon milk and butter churns. This morning we woke not so early but wanted to get the churns finished. I don’t like being half way through something, I just want to get it done and the mess cleaned up. Who knows also how the weather will pan out later. It’s very changeable at the moment. As we unlocked the back door to continue our project, a big shadow flew across the garden. Heron was back, but…… he did not land. Victory to us I think.

The churns needed a second coat today but as I looked at them I couldn’t decide if I really liked the dark green one. The previous green had been a lot lighter but then I worked out that my mum last painted them about 20 years ago they are bound to have faded. A few people had said they particularly liked the one that was black with green trim including Ben. So what was I to do? Carry on or go and buy a lighter green? Mmmmmm. Ok we shall stick with it and see how they turn out.

Patio covered I set to work. Some of you know I do not have a sense of smell but boy this stuff must be strong, certainly gives you a headache. After an hour or so and a very impatient Suzy trying to distract me to take her out the churns were complete.

I had a few errands to run and thought this would be a good time as I couldn’t move the churns yet and I was just preying it wouldn’t rain! It is nice having a choice of vehicle to drive, however I have to keep thinking, right which car went out last? Which one needs a run this week? Especially as our shopping is being delivered we don’t even drive to the supermarket. Today it was the turn of dads car so after my errand I gave it a drive down the A2 and found myself at the aquatic centre to buy some treats for the fussy budgie. The garden centre also reopened today and even though it only had a short queue I resisted and just went to the aquatics. On entering each side was displaying stunning water features.

I got the budgie snacks and drove home but the water features were still on my mind. After a lunch of reheated roasted veg and feta I checked the churns. At last they were dry and I could arrange them on the patio and source pots to fit in them ready for planting. Now that they are all done I can live with the dark green. They compliment each other very well.

The green and black together.

The pots in them could do with spraying just to make them look a better match and I have to put the copper tape back around the one holding the hostas but over all, a job well done.

It’s no good the water features are still on my mind so I did a little research and went back to the aquatic centre. This time to give my car a run. The one I had decided on was out of stock but the assistant said their manager was at another branch today so if they had one he would bring it back and even drop it off home for us. Great service and I’m pleased to say the water feature arrived a few hours ago. So can you guess what tomorrow’s project might be? I won’t tell you which one I chose but upon measuring it it looks like it will fit the space better.

There you have it. Another project filled day and of course a Country park walk with Suzy, who incidentally wanted to be friends with everyone over there today and completely ignored me. She really does have what Rich called big dog syndrome as she often finds the biggest dogs to play with. As usual I will leave you with a few garden photos. It’s so wonderful seeing these blooms and photographing them daily. You can see how they subtly change day by day. Tomorrow I shall also try and give you a wildflower meadow update. Night for now. X

The first cucumber is on its way.
The lettuce are starting to look more like lettuce.
Little starburst flowers in the Allium.
How cool are these individual flowers on one bud?
A little more sewing this evening to occupy my mind.