Such a rewarding day…..

Ok fingers crossed, Will the new water feature be delivered and will it work? Keep reading and all will be revealed.

Usual start to the day, cup of tea and back to bed. Getting better this morning. It was not until 5.15! No sign of Heron on Heron cam, result. Nobody making me breakfast in bed today but I suppose two days in a row would be like a miracle. Out in the garden to check on the little leak on the small pond waterfall. My solution last night hadn’t fixed it, sigh. So, water turned off I found the problem. Ok. Little more repair work required but I think we have most of what we need. Just where is it in the shed???

Whilst waiting for it to dry out I had exciting day ahead. A trip to the garden centre. Complete extravagance. Such a weird feeling to be going somewhere like this after all this time. Also meeting up with Bev there. What a treat. It seems like such a long time ago we could do things like see our family’s. Sadly no coffee and cake stop but that didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves. We were like tiny children in a sweet shop. All the bright colourful plants and pots. Staff were constantly filling the displays. You could not fault how it looked.

Bev had mentioned that she was going to treat herself to a new maple plant. That got me thinking. A maple may be just the right plant to sit beside the new water feature. After looking at a few we spotted this unusual colour one. Perfect. Bev also found a lovely one for herself.

Bevs new pot and maple.

Next Bev wanted to find the Lavender plants as she wanted to treat me to remember dad by. Now those of you that knew dad well, he absolutely detested lavender plants. It was the smell he couldn’t stand. He often said under no circumstances would I be allowed to have one in the garden. Rich and I often taunted him, saying we were going out to buy one and where should we put it. Apparently if we did get one he would have dug it up. All of this was said in banter. Yes he really didn’t like them and no I wouldn’t have bought one whilst he was still here. However it always makes us smile remembering the banter we would have about them, so now it seems very fitting to have one to remember him by and smile at our teasing. After deciding where to put it, I decided to put it in Richs pot that he chose after our visit to the Gardeners world live show.

So home from the garden centre, and the water feature was soon delivered. The service was outstanding from the team and the lady even put it all together for me to check everything worked ok before delivering. The water fall was meant to be the next job on the list but we couldn’t resist cracking on with the water feature.

After a little crawling on the ground to install the cables we soon had it in a perfect position. Water filled and the grand switch on. Yes it works and looks fabulous. Rich would have loved it as not only does it look nice it has the spishy splashy noise we were looking for.

Of course we then potted up the new Maple tree and placed it all together with the lavender. Superb. A great project that gives me happy memories of both my dad and Rich and a perfect day that I could sit out here and enjoy my dinner on the patio with the new sound of running water. The Maple looks mesmerising in the afternoon sun.

Flowing beautifully.

Having lights in the water hadn’t even crossed my mind but now I have them, wow. It completes that part of the patio perfectly in the dark with the other little lights.

The waterfall was the next task. It had dried out nicely so Bev and I made a plan. We mixed up some stuff we found in the shed, no surprise there! And set to work. Making one of the sides sightly higher and putting in some of the rocks. Fingers crossed it works. If not I have the water proof sealant at the ready.

The final thing I purchased at the garden centre was a couple of new hanging baskets. I had one in mind for the other cherry tomato plants which would live in the fruit patch with the other two. the other will be filled with flowers and placed out once the last frosts had passed.

Companion planting. Cherry tomatoes along side radish as they are a fast growing crop.

That’s an oil put it for today. What will we do tomorrow? Night all x x

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