Sunflower special edition, update 1…..

Happy Saturday everyone. This morning I wanted to share with you our progress on the sunflowers.

Rich and I started growing the sunflowers before he was taken into hospital. It was to be similar to our family gingerbread competition where we would each grow one and see who’s became the biggest. It turned out to be much needed in these moments as it was something we could all watch and nurture in our own homes in these peculiar times as we can not be with each other.

Let me introduce the sunflower club members.

Craig and Sam – live by the sea. Salty air?? Will this cause a problem? They have a curious Cat called Cosmo (will this be a disadvantage? Will she want to climb the sunflowers and snap them?) currently their sunflowers are residing indoors next to the window.

Jan and Lisa – live in Reading. They have a cheeky little dog called Libby. (Will Libby decide you have a little snack on the stem of the sunflowers?) One of their sunflowers had a slight accident in the wind and fell of the table outside. Alas this one belonging to Jan is no longer in the competition. It’s top snapped off😳 However Jan received some new sunflower seeds in the post, Will this be like the hare and the tortoise, Will Jan’s take the lead?? Their sunflowers are presently living in the summer house at night and the garden by day.

Little Libby.

Auntie Jeanie – lives Near Bexleyheath. Now this may be the one we need to keep our eyes on. I’m not sure where her sunflower is living. Is it outside 24/7? Is it being kept under secret light lamps? Is she feeding it magic potions? Best keep our eyes on this one 😉

Nanny Bev – Lives in Gravesend. Owns two huge dogs, although big softy’s and like to lick. Now Bev has named her sunflower Gerald, Will this be an advantage? Does this mean she is secretly a sunflower whisperer? Bev told me Gerald is misbehaving but is this just a ploy to throw us off her magic green fingers?

Jo and Ben – Growers of sunflower seeds. Live in Dartford. Usually we have poor air quality what with living so close to Dartford tunnel but currently with the world staying at home things are a little clearer. We started all the seeds in our greenhouse and distributed them amongst the family. Now did we tamper with any of the seeds before they left us? Did we use a larger mix of enriched soil in some but not others? Suzy lives with us and has not yet shown any interest in our sunflower, phew. Our sunflower is currently in the shed at night and garden by day.

So. Now you know all of the contenders let’s introduce the stars of the blog themselves, let’s here it for the Sunflowers, and Gerald.

Craig and Sams leafy sunflowers.
Lisa’s luscious sunflower
Auntie Jeanie’s sunflower.
Gerald and friends, Bev’s sunflower.
Ben and Jo’s leggy plant.

So there we have the family of sunflowers. Who’s will become the tallest strongest plant? Who’s will have huge head of yellow? Will any succumb to the dreaded slug and snail family? All will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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