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This time last year……

May 2019, Rich and I had gone to Berlin for a long weekend geocaching and sight seeing with our two wonderful friends Matt and Adam. We knew we wouldn’t be able to rush around or walk far but it was still a bloody marvellous weekend partly made so special by Matt and Adam. Rich kept saying to me how grateful he was to them both for being so patient with him and to keep us both laughing. We enjoyed some wonderful sights, history, food and many cocktails. It’s a city break I will always have fond memories of and very special to me x

Cocktail menu anyone?
My Pimms in the garden listening to our water feature tonight, cheers Rich x ❤️❤️.

So as I had lots of memories passing through my mind today I spent another morning in the garden. I didn’t want to do unpleasant jobs or paperwork today. First off I checked out the water fall. It’s still leaking. Count to ten……….. so this week it needs completely pulling apart and rebuilding with new liner. There must be a hole somewhere.

I can’t do anything about it today so may as well crack on putting the hanging baskets together. Looks like I’ll be busy watering this year as I don’t recall ever having so many out. Although four of them do have cherry tomato and radishes in them. I sat myself surrounded by the ones to be planted and as soon as I was about to begin, along came mummy’s little helper.

Even though I have been growing many many plants, it wasn’t until I sorted through today to see what to put in each basket I realised that I didn’t have much of a selection for them. Most of the new plants would be to tall or to big. But after some arranging they were all planted and I now have a spare shelf in the greenhouse. they all look a bit sparse now but they will soon grow on.

I had to move this one as I went to get in the car and couldn’t open the door!

Garden tidied it was time to head over to Ingress park and meet Victoria and Sophie to take Suzy for a social distancing walk. It was such a pleasant afternoon, sun shining, nice walk around the abbey then along the Thames and back again. Suzy had a very nice time. It was also her first time in the car since March!

Once home Ben and I had a very early dinner once again sat out on the patio in the sunshine. What a glorious evening. I could hear a little banging noise whilst we were outside and it turned out to be our neighbour taking her old shed down. I offered to give a hand and so we both smashed it apart with a hammer. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it was in a funny kind of way. My reward later on was to be a piece of homemade strawberry pavlova. It was delicious and gone before any photos were taken.

I was going to continue with some sewing after but the evening is just to glorious to be inside so I put my feet up, Pimms to hand and organised the next stage of project garden. There are so many plants in the greenhouse, 120 to be precise that I’ve either grown from seed or plug plants, and another 120 summer bulbs to go out. Planning is the way to go as I have a wall in the front garden to plant up, containers and of course the new border. Planning complete and documented ready to start later in the week to give me a break from solicitors paperwork ect.

The evening tour of the garden flowers was very bright, lots of new buds opening up and flowers bobbing in the soft breeze. I’ll leave you for tonight with those images. X

Cucumbers coming along nicely in the greenhouse.
Self seeded foxglove.
The newest allium to the garden.
Roses climbing up the front of the shed.
New allium.
The first of the orange blossom in bloom. Apparently they smell gorgeous.