Monthly Archives: May 2020

A frustrating day……

Typical type of Monday. So much paperwork on the list of today’s jobs. But the best way to get through it is to have something to look forward to after.

First job check the waterfall and take its measurements as it’s still leaking. Before heading off to the aquatic shop Suzy and I had our Monday morning stroll to the greengrocer that sets up at the hospital Monday and Fridays. Today he had so much lovely looking fruit and veg. We were spoiled for choice. We restrained though and just bought what we needed and came back home to a breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit whilst sat in the garden. Mmmmmm.

A quick dart to the aquatic centre and back home to start the dreaded paperwork and hours of phone calls. You just have to be patient otherwise you could get really stressed. My reward though was at 3pm I gave in and retreated to the hot sunshine in the garden with Ben. He did a great job of cutting the grass whilst I really striped the water feature back to see where the problem was. I think I’ve found it but it needs a bit of remodelling.

The front right edge is where the problem is so I think I need to make it angle round a little more., then relay new pond liner and cement rocks back in.

Trouble is, whilst I’m doing these jobs I find more that need doing. Well actually we knew this one needed doing just keep putting it off. You’ll have to wait and see what this project will be in a few days time.

This evening I took some time to set up dads online obituary. I still can’t believe he has gone. It feels like he is away working and will be back soon. Here is the link should you like to have a look.

Where does the day go? That’s it we are out of day time and I’m worn out after waking up at stupid o’clock again. Once again I shall leave you with a few garden pictures and hopefully tomorrow we shall be greeted with the first semi red strawberry. The first of the crop x