Monthly Archives: May 2020

Chilled out kind of hot day???

What a lovely warm sunny morning and it was to get hotter. I decided I needed a more chilled out day today so Suzy and I had a slow plod round the garden with a cup of tea. Every time I walk past the waterfall I think how on earth should I fix it.

I spotted a few strawberries turning red this morning and by this evening they had come on in leaps and bounds, just like our new friend today.

This morning.
This evening.

Meet toady!

Toady is a shy little fellow and likes to hang out behind my bags of compost. I don’t blame him. It did get up to 26° in our garden this afternoon. He was still there tonight when Ben and I went out at 10pm. Fortunately Suzy isn’t bothering him or her.

After I’d popped out to run some errands and picked up supplies at Wickes I returned home to enjoy lunch el fresco. This truly is a gorgeous day. I spied a little creature on the patio but it seemed quiet content but later on whilst I returned all the plants to the greenhouse I felt something tickling my foot.

Introducing the newest member of the gang, Colin or Coleen??

Colin/ Coleen says hi.

I let Colin have a ride on my croc and put him somewhere safe in the garden but not near anything it might find to tasty.

It’s too nice to be inside so I covered the table and set up my sewing station outside whilst dinner cooked.

Dinner was reasonable healthy as it’s taco Tuesday. Ben and I were going to watch a film over dinner but it’s to nice to be indoors. So the garden it was to be. It’s just like being abroad in this weather.

This waterfall is still on my mind, so after we had cleared up I took out the new pond liner and tried a few variations. I think I have a bit of an idea how we can fix it now. Fingers crossed.

The new project I wanted to start today was delayed as I didn’t get my ready to collect email till later in the day. But now I have it I’m being indecisive. Which colour do we go for painting the fence? Traditional brown or slate grey??? I’m so confused.

This is a photo of someone’s fence in the colour I’m thinking of as an alternative?

For those of you the know my garden it will be for the right hand side, so partly hidden by the fruit patch in the summer and roses growing over it at the far end. Any ideas chaps?

So chilled out hot day it was. Suzy even enjoyed her paddling pool and a play in the garden. Sleep well everyone. X