Monthly Archives: May 2020

What an exciting start to the day.

After not a lot of sleep I gave up. Breakfast was at 3.30am. Suzy was not amused as I wouldn’t let her have hers until 6.30.

As you know last night I was very undecided about what colour to paint the fence. Pretty certain I now knew what colour to go for I headed of to B&Q really early to beat the queues. Little did I know I could have turned up 45 minutes earlier as they opened at 7 not what the website said at 8. Anyway no need to wait just straight in and headed to the fence paint. It appears everyone and their aunties are painting their fences as the shelves were quite bare and the colour I had chosen was no where to be found. However I did see an example of another colour that took my eye so two tubs and some bamboo cains later I was in the very short queue for Marks and Spencer’s. What a treat. I haven’t been here since March. I treated Ben and I to some nice meringues and a lemon meringue for during the week ahead, hopefully to go with some of our own strawberries.

Back home and refuelled Bev arrived and we cracked on. First with painting some of the fence then making the cement for the waterfall. Now I’ve never done this before neither has Bev. But we had a laugh and were chatting about how dad would have told us to do it this way or that way. Anyway, I’m not sure if we made it quite right, maybe a little dry but time will tell in the morning. If it’s not right I shall remove it and start again. Practice makes perfect right?

Didn’t look pretty now but it’s next phase is to layer pond liner over the top.

After a healthy lunch of salad and chicken we continued to paint the fence. Who invented trellis? It’s awful stuff to paint. Mind you it became a bit easier once we removed it and laid it down to paint. Did anyone mention it was the warmest day of the year so far?? I do pick the wrong days to do stuff sometimes. But we were sensible, lots of suncream, drinks and working under the sunshade. We didn’t manage to finish the painting today but what we have done in our opinion looks really good. What colour did I pick I hear you say? Sage. A cross between Grey and green. Suits the garden.

This panel is still due a second coat.
This one still needs its second coat.
Completed panel.
Hopefully soon all the new plants will be in and we can have a tidy garden and path.

I really appreciated Bev’s help today, even Ben gave us a hand until he couldn’t cope with the sun anymore. It’s taking along time to paint as I can’t remember the last time it was done however it’s worth the effort and to have someone to chat to really helps x

Tomorrow mornings weather isn’t looking to great but if I’m up at silly o’clock again I will check our handy work on the waterfall, redo if necessary and cover it for any forecast rain. Then later in the day crack on with the fence painting.

Enjoy the lovely evening everyone. Night x